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What Are You Watching?

watched episodes 4,5,6,7 of GUNS OF ANARCHY some amount of guns in that i know its only tv but enjoyed it ,Iwas wondering how much of it could refelect realty


@hunter1916 The episode where the guy was leaving the cycle club and he had to have his club tattoo removed by knife or fire (blade or flame) off his back…I talked to a hard core cycle club member from back in the day and he said that was correct what they showed. In the episode the now non-member had it burned off…OUCH! :hot_face:


Strangely, I didn’t realize you were asking about Sons of A. Yes, there is a reality foundation in the show. Mostly regarding their founding - which mirrors the early times of many real live clubs. That is many were started by Vets, gender roles are clearly defined and the women have more sway than anyone outside the life understands.

Funny that we just got the followup series - The Mayans - and nobody I know is watching. We ALL watched SOA. The we I reference is the Motorcycle Club Community.

I ride with a Club, but we are not a 1% club. When a dominant club did come to Texas, we joined the American Motorcyclist Association because gunfights are not our thing. We had and still have members that are LE. And we are interesting enough to have been investigated/infiltrated by the feds. The agent that infiltrated is still a member 'cause we’re really just about good times.


lot of crazy kids on bikes these days, hand full of us older guys still race at the drag strip every now and then.
every time seems like, i get a couple tag-along to the shop, and want to run the “Bottle” system i do, (NOS) my older ride is a shovelhead, punched up reworked cases with S&S 93 internals , sifton cam, andrews gears ,baker inline shift drum (4 gears, straight down) and a 35% NOS boost. she will take it, been doing it for almost 20 years
anyway/// 3 things i require before NOS setup 1. clean driving record, 2.over 25.(I dont do any put this on my kids bike) and 3, AMA card. period. and that will only get you a 15% rise.

to get to 35%, at least 5000$ in the motor. the above rules, and i have to see you run NA at the drag strip.

you want a snorting monster, and want to have a double shot, 75% boost, on a delay timer,
25,000$ in the engine. well installed gussets in the frame, like they say “speeds expensive just how fast you wanna go?”

I deal with a lot of clubs, 1% and otherwise. but things ive learned, dont take favors, then your owned, dont install used parts or used tires,just to Keep em rolling, (1. liability,2 they come to expect that you can pull a miracle out your butt all the time… cheap…3. stay away from any bogus frame swaps. if someone wants you to swap a frame, and its identical to the original, and its not damaged or bent, run the dang Numbers. I could write a book on what to look for on HD VIN’s to make sure the bike is straight, and not a “wolf in sheeps clothing”
above all, stand your ground. you might get into a scrap every now and then, but hell, who doesnt enjoy that??


@dave67 @Dred i dont recall that i thought they tock the patch off the jacket with a knife and they tattooed over there tattoo with black ink in later episode clay has it done to him, i did’nt see much of episodes 1,2,3 but have rest on hard drive and in rerunning at moment when i hit the bed at night

like in every organisation 1 or 2 bad apples gives everyone a bad name

@hunter1916 Clay’s tattoo was blacked over but in another earlier episode they burned a members tattoo off his skin on his back, that’s the one I was talking about. Those two clips are on Youtube to watch.

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@dave67 thanks bud i must try and get season 1,2,3, downloaded

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While I was enjoying a military memes war in a different post, it got me thinking about military movies and tv shows that I like watching over and over again.

Continuing the discussion from A Brief Essay On Squids Jarheads…And Crayons!:

So I would like to hear what your favorite movie and/or TV show is (military, first responder, other, etc.) that represents your previous and/or current careers.

I have to many to list, but here are a few obvious ones. The Sands of Iwo Jima staring John Wayne. Heartbreak Ridge staring Clint Eastwood. Full Metal Jacket starring R. Lee Ermey. The Pacific HBO miniseries.