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Welcome To The Official M*CARBO Brotherhood Forum!


@Viper118 Welcome to the Brotherhood. Thank you for your service.

Best way to learn the site is just start clicking through it. You will catch on quick.
The best way to find a certain topic or answer to a specific question is use the search.
Enjoy the site and dont be bashful about joining in the conversations.


Welcome to this Outstanding Brotherhood and Forum ! Thank you for your Service! As Stated before Jump on in and Ask Away! No B.S. Here ! just Straight Forward Answer’s to anything that comes about ! We have all had the Fear of First Tear Down’ and The Lose of the Safety Spring and other small springs. And have spent hours on knee’s looking for them,After the great Launch!:sunglasses: Enjoy


Thank you for the things done.Strap on you engine and ride
Best info !! Happy searching :sweat_smile::rofl: I


Hello folks

I live in Colorado and have worked in manufacturing for over 40 years mostly as a machinist.
I am a fan of all types of firearms but especially enjoy rifles.
I hope to learn some things and here’s some good stories here.


Hey @2tap welcome to MCARBO Brotherhood. You like rifles. We like rifles. That’s it. You’re in!! Easy huh? Now you just have to post pics of all of’em so we can see. Oh and probably buy a bunch of new guns you didn’t know you needed, and all the MCARBO goodies. That’s what we do. Then yer really in👍


@2tap Welcome to the brotherhood Mark! Being a machinist will definitely be a plus for some of the discussions around here.

Good group of folks here…just watch out for some of our moderators, they’re a lil suspect! @Boomchucker


Just because you got pie doesn’t mean you need to be uppity


@Turmeric1 Lol you just aren’t going to let that go are you brother! :laughing::+1::cake::cake::cake:

Besides I figure it was time to give the squid a break and tease the drummer boy!

@2tap our moderators really are top notch!


welcome to the brotherhood. You just joined the best site and the best group of members on the web.


Oh yeah, and also, mmmmm… Pie. lol


@2tap Welcome to the Brotherhood. If you are like the rest of us , you will learn plenty . Enjoy the camaraderie here and don’t be shy, chime in anytime.


@2tap welcome to the forum


Thanks all… I will try and visit here often


Glad to be on board. Hope to add to the conversation.


Welcome to the Brotherhood, As godallmighty said Jump on In The waters Great!


I dislike fb and am only there to communicate with a few family members and friends. I don’t mind when people reach out for friendships. Social media even keeps a rolling calender for important dates and events. I just dont understand why people dont take advantage and have any interest in ‘solidifying’ a friendship by even wishing one a happy birthday. Just an example. I know we are ALL too busy dealing with LIFE to take a moment out of our day? Guess a very ‘small’ percentage do that?


Not Really’ I have Forgotten about the Cake Day Thing Here on Site’ And Truthfully I don’t want to Remember How Old I feel these days’:sunglasses:


I guess a “Happy Birthday” is in order? You would never receive that if you were on FB, even though a built in calander is reminding one’s so called friends? :rofl:


@umpa.wiya, A shout out to a new user M*CARBO BROTHERHOOD. Welcome to a good bunch of people…


Thank you for your service. I dont have a compensator on my 9mm sub2k but have the Mcarbo buffer and recoilless charging handle. I also got the heavy bolt from kel tec. Recoil was tamed to about my dpms shooting .223s. Needed for my wife and daughters to be able to handle but I have to admit it’s more pleasant for me also. Welcome, this really is a great group here. Stay safe.