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@ta485 Welcome to the brotherhood. Glad you found your way here


Hey @ta485 welcome to MCARBO Brotherhood. Enjoy that Sub. Report back often!:+1:


Erk! How’d you get past me?? But welcome sir to the MCARBO Forum. And until you get your SUB to the range you can do what I do, and that’s take pictures. And post’em here. Love to see’em!!


It’s all good, sir. I had some issues after assembly. I tested the trigger and reset a bunch before i went to the range. When I got there though, all i got was a click. So I went home and put it away until the next day.

The next day I watched a video on the internal case filing he was doing by the pivot. I was going to check that but when I loosened the main pivot screw I noticed it was pretty tight. So, after backing it off a little, i tried the trigger and reset again and voila - it worked!

Tested flawlessly at the range so I’m good for now.




@ta485 Welcome to the MCarbo brotherhood. Had old family friends that lived along the cliffs outside of Sequim .


I am new to the brotherhood. No sub 2000 yet. Working on getting one. So far I have already doubled what I knew , so thanks everybody.


Welcome to the brotherhood, lots of fun here with a good group of people. Enjoy your stay!


@ta485 Welcome to the Brotherhood and thanks for your service to our country. Enjoy the fun known as the brotherhood. Lots to read and learn from the assembled masses.


Welcome to the Brotherhood. Enjoy your stay. Lots to learn here from the group.


Welcome to MCARBO Forum Brother! Hang around long enough you’ll have a SUB2000 before you know it. And a couple other guns too you didn’t know you need or wanted👍


@Boomchucker I hope so


what do the other icons do ?


Like George I am unfamiliar with the site but will work on it.
First post
Combat vet of two wars. I have been shooting since I was 12. I have a sub 2000 gen and really like it. Recently I was hitting clay pigeons using a Sparc red dot at 100 yds. Zeroed it at 25, shoots high at 50 but on zero at 100. Also have an Adams P2 kit sourced 556 which is way more accurate an I am.


@Viper118 Welcome to the Brotherhood. Thank you for your service to the country. We have lot of great topics to read and comment on, so jump on in and add you 2 cents.


@Viper118 Welcome to the M*CARBO Brotherhood. Thank you for your military service. Good shooting there.


@Viper118 welcome to the brotherhood!


Thanks for the welcome.
Just ordered the buffer and compensator for my sub 2000 gen2. Does anyone have any experience with the addition of both accessories?


@Viper118 I have the 9mm S2K , muzzle brake, buffer and the Recoilless Charging Handle. With these I feel almost no recoil or muzzle flip. I think you will enjoy your purchase.


@Viper118 Welcome to the forum


Hey @Viper118 welcome to MCARBO Forum! We’re really glad you’re here. I think you’ll find everyone one pretty much like minded on doing all the MCARBO upgrades, they’re all well worth doing and make a great difference.

If you need any help or advice, just sound off and somebody’ll be there👍