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Welcome To The Official M*CARBO Brotherhood Forum!


welcome to the brotherhood


Thank you for the invite


welcome to the Brotherhood


I’m the latest new guy, I guess. Bought a SUB 2000 a few days ago… can’t wait to trick it out with my new toys from M*Carbo.


Welcome to the brotherhood


Welcome to the Brotherhood. I hope you will enjoy yourself here


Welcome to the Brotherhood! And our (Addictions) to the New and Up Coming Cool stuff from this Great Company and Group!.


and then there were three. lol welcome BIGjeff


Welcome to the Brotherhood Jeff. I think you’ll enjoy this forum.


Welcome to Brotherhood


Welcome to site think there going to go crazy all these Jeff s here time to take over lol


Hello, Thank you for providing excellent parts for improving the reliability of my sub2000s. I have invested hundreds of dollars on your parts and have yet to be dissatisfied. Keep up the good work on making good guns great.


Welcome to the Brotherhood ‘My name is Diva" and I’m a M*CARBO Addict and No I don’t want share@ this Time’ But we have meetings twice a week somewhere? for those who are in need!:sunglasses:


Hello from Canada,

Brand new here and I just finished putting a heap of M*carbo parts into my sub2000 (9mm) - everything I could get my hands on atm - trigger, trigger guard, spring kit, feed ramp, rear sight, steel crossbarrels and screws, recoil buffer - the videos were great and it’s all back together. Everything seemed to go well. It function checked alright. And with that I put it away until I could get to the range to test it out. Can hardly wait. I wish I had the new trigger bar and mag catch but I’ll have to wait until the bar is available.

Cheers all!



@kmer Welcome to the Brotherhood. You have a great group of people to help answer any questions about your S2K and general gun questions. Enjoy your time here.


@kmer Welcome to the M*CARBO Brotherhood Kelly. Have fun at the range with your sub.


@kmer Welcome to the brotherhood.


Thanks, Retired military. Glad to be here. I live in Port Angeles Wa. Love the sight I just put on my sub 2000.


@kmer welcome to the brotherhood, glad you found us.


@ta485 Welcome to the Brotherhood Terry. Thank you for your service to our great country.