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Welcome To The Official M*CARBO Brotherhood Forum!


Welcome to the Brotherhood,


Welcome to the Brotherhood ! And the Addiction of Sub 2000 and M*CARBO’S Great Service and Company.


I am down with you. After the muzzle brake, trigger bar, and optic mount, I am done with the S2K-G2. I will have to start onthe AR15.

Thank you,

George L Mays


Thanks for the invitation to join. Now that I’m ‘mostly retired’ I hope to spend more time with my Sub2K.


Great to see as long as it holds true.
I have the Midwest one which is getting loose.
Also wondering approximately it will be.
What about the flash hider and when it will be available.
Thanks for listening.


That’s approx. HOW MUCH it will be.


It is my first post as well, thanks!


What is the deal with a 10 digit password? I am going to have to reset my password every time I want to get on here. Can you explain the need for that much security on a forum page?


Hi to all, New to this forum, and i am computer dumb. Does anyone have suggestions for a soft case that will hold a Sub 2000 GEN 2 with a muzzle brake.


Glad to be here! Looking forward to it.


Hey all new here. look forward to getting to learn the forum and you all. Also looking forward to what do-dads I can find to upgrade my Gen 1 Sub 2K.


@CountryGuy Welcome to the forum Denny and there is alot you will find out here about the Sub-2000.


Welcome to the Brotherhood Denny


Thanks All! Looking forward to it and sharing as I add my upgrades.


Thanks for the invite.


Welcome to the Brotherhood


I also too am thankful for the invite. I have gotten a lot of good ideas from this forum. I just mounted a Bushnell TRS25 Trophy red dot sight, but I haven’t had the chance yet to see how it performs. I also bought a bracket for my AK47 RAS and mounted another Bushnell TRS25 Trophy red dot sight on it and it lined up with my front site but again I’ve not had the chance to try it out. I’m hoping for the best but I’m afraid that I will end up sanding down the rail on my Sub2k to get the best performance out of it. I love my Sub2k and look forward to shooting it for years to come. Like a lot of folks on here I think I’ve bought every upgrade part Mcarbo has made for it but as of yet I’ve not installed all of the internals, hope to do that real soon. Love this forum. You guys are always giving me good ideas on things that should make range time even more fun than it already is. Keep up the good work and thanks for the add. Oh and one more thing I can wait to buy the new muzzle break. Looks good and from what I’ve read it also performs good. I’m excited about getting one.


@83Powerhouse Welcome to the M*CARBO Brotherhood Todd. Glad that you like this forum. Hopefully the new muzzle brake will be out soon. The Sub2K is a great fun gun.


Thanks for the feedback. Love my S2k and looking forward to there new brake and looking forward to the new folding optics mount.:+1:


thanks for the invite. look forward to being part of the brotherhood.