Welcome To The Official M*CARBO Brotherhood Forum! 🙋‍♂️

@hwblair Welcome to the hood Herb.


Hello everyone. I’m new to the forum. I’ve never been in the military but my Father is a retired Army Veteran with Vietnam time. I love Veterans and have worked at the VA hospital in Augusta, GA for 20 years. LOVE IT!
Not a “gun person” but have been shooting my whole life. I have two Kimber .45’s (one 5” and an Ultra carry) that I love. Other than that I have a variety of hunting rifles and 870 12ga shotgun.
I also have a brand new Sub-2000 9mm purchased for my wife to use for home defense. She is very concerned about recoil so before even having her fire it I’ve purchased and installed 1) the “lifesaver” recoil pad, 2) the heavier bolt handle with locking pin, 3) the buttstock pad, 4) the muzzle brake. She also has some trouble lowering her cheek far enough to see the sight line so I purchased and installed the bolt tube cover, optic mount, and Sig Sauer red dot optic.
Heading to the range soon. Hope she likes it. Bonus for me: if she doesn’t like it I have a cool new rifle that I love plus an excellent reason to get a Glock 9mm.
I’ve enjoyed purchasing from M*Carbo, watching Chris’s great/helpful/funny videos, and reading the forum.


Welcome to the Forum.
By the sounds of your intro, I know your going to find a lot of interesting topics to join in on.
Also, you can jump into the friendly monthly target shot, if interested, simply ask and we will direct you.
Nice selection of firearms, I also had the 870 semi, it was perfect for hunting.
Great job upgrading the SUB2K.


@VACRNA welcome to the Brotherhood David


Welcome to the Brotherhood!

Yeah, we’re not “gun people”, either…we’re just people with guns (in some cases, many). And ammo. :grinning:

For not being a “gun person”, seems like you’ve already got that tactic figured out…we’ve got some real pros at that one here… :rofl:


Wow this is a tough crowd, any Buckeyes in the crowd? Pile it on​:woman_scientist::couple::couple_with_heart_woman_man::couple_with_heart_man_man::couplekiss_man_woman::family_man_woman_girl::family_woman_woman_girl_boy:


Its a tough crowd at times but fare never​:joy: . And to answer your question about any buckeyes. Yes there is quite a few of you worthless nuts lingering around here. :+1:


Hahahaha couldnt have asked any better myself…

cough @cico7

All in good fun @skullmerchant :+1::+1:


Hoosier by birth, Buckeye by force um choice. Force of nature is what I meant.
Go Bucks!