M*CARBO Brotherhood

Welcome To The Official M*CARBO Brotherhood Forum!


Hostile is the right word for Facebook right now.


I like the name mash up might have to use that.


Cool by me ken feel free, congratulations with the new forum.


Starting to figure it out and enjoying reading all the comments.


Thanks for the invite Chris! Thanks also for creating this forum for us!


This forum is very informative and great for new ideas. I am glad I am apart of it.


From one Ken to another, me too. This is much nicer then FB.


Hey brother, as an IT/Cybersecurity Dude, I would strongly recommend we encourage our brethren to enable MFA on their M*CARBO forum accounts. It’s just too easy to get pwnd these days… Thanks again for making this place our own! #DOL


Not being computer savy, How do we enable MFA? thank you


Go to your Forum Profile > Preferences > Password. Right underneath “Send Password Reset Email” you’ll see “Enable two factor authentication” Follow the prompts. Personally, I prefer Google Authenticator as it simply just works. Hope that helps? If you get stuck, please DM me.


Thank you I will check it out


I’m really impressed with the turnout and participation. Thank you all that have contributed so far! I’ve seen a lot of great information shared in here already. Really great group and excited to see it develop. You guys make it this way! Glad to be part of it and appreciate your Support!


Chris this is a great forum. With all the categories and information everyone is willing to share it just makes owning the Sub2000 that much more fun. :us:


Well’ Chris Its your Fault! for the Great Company,Service,And Open to Customer’s Idea’s and Want’s and Suggestions !! You’ve Come Along Way’s in a Short Time ! The Master Plan for the Next Few Could be Interesting with This Great Brotherhood!!! :grin:


Not sure how forums work, but I will give it a go.


Thanks so much for the optic mount you rock keep it going


Thanks for the welcome. Already checked the Sub 2000 recall and was found not wanting. Really like the looks of the thing that fits on the muzzle ( Having a senior moment.) Have bought some of your upgrades and have been very happy with the improvements. Have a .40 cal. and it’s been a great gun-especially with above improvements. Still can’t think of what to call that muzzle thing…oh


@geezeroid muzzle brake


Thanks. Will try to remember but no promises----


Thanks for the invite! Your parts have turned my Sub into my favorite gun. All my other guns are jealous!