M*CARBO Brotherhood

Welcome To The Official M*CARBO Brotherhood Forum!


Welcome to the M*CARBO Brotherhood Private Forum to better Shoot, Move and Communicate as a unit.

Share your ideas for future parts you want to see MCARBO make next! We’re constantly listening for the next big idea…most of them come right from the MCARBO Brotherhood. Thank you for your Support!

Expect to see Top Secret M*CARBO R&D Prototypes and Ideas. We want to know what you think!

M*CARBO Brotherhood - Veterans, Police Officers & 2nd Amendment Patriots!

1. Conversation is open to all things Firearms/Weapons and Similar Outdoor Lifestyle Topics Only…No Religion or Politics.

2. Speak to each other as if were all sitting in the same room with loaded firearms.

3. Be respectful and treat each other like Brothers since we’re all 2nd Amendment Patriots on the same team here.

4. Help each other with good information and firearm advice/recommendations.

5. No Drama…

6. Flag any inappropriate behavior (pattern of negativity, incoherency, or low value bordering on harmful contributions to the conversation). A Moderator will address any issues.

7. Moderators and Admins will move posts from time to time in order to keep a more organized conversation going.

8. Posts that are political, religious or full of drama will be deleted and warning issued the first time.

See you in the forum!

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Here’s a demo on how to post or edit a post:


Thanks for invite. I am unfamiliar with this format, but I will figure it out.


Hey George! Great to have you here.

I’m trying to figure it out myself.

Let me know what you learn in the process.

Thanks for coming over.




Thanks for the invite Chris!

This should be cool, looking forward to giving this a go!


Thanks Chris for joining us here! I plan on spending most of my time here.

Facebook is too distracting and not my favorite anyway.


Thanks Chris for the Invite ! Now to Put it all Together.


Hey everybody. I belong here on FB as Dave Conrad. Just got on the forums.


Hey Dave! Great to have you here Brother!


Hi Chris good to be on the FORUM!
MUCH better than most Ive seen.


Looks like it’s catching on! Good fun.:sunglasses:


Brothers, Appreciate the addition of our own Forum.

#DOL #2A=Freedom!


Forum has great potential at a time when social media, e.g., Facebook has become an extremely hostile environment. If I didn’t admin a gun group there, I’d get off it completely probably.


Glad to be here, thanks for setting this up!


Thanks for the invite. Been avoiding FB, hopefully this will be better.


I was Lo Saunders on the Facebook group. I just couldn’t in good conscience remain a part of Facebook and their idiotic privacy sharing bs so I deactivated my account. So I’m grateful this forum is a new option. Thanks for having me!


Thank you for the invite - I have been an avid Mcarbo follower and have installed all the add ons and custom options for the 9mm sub 2k that you made - keep them coming - stay calm and shoot straight .


Great idea guy’s a place to talk with like-minded enthusiast.
Hello to all freedom-loving American Patriot’s.
I call my 40 caliber gen 2 the Mcarbo-Tec 2000.

I have all the aftermarket mcarbo mods done and a few different ones that my gunsmith came up with, they’re top-secret haha.

Turned keltec into a real fine home defence/woods walker.
2A for life!


Thanks for the invite Chris!
A forum is the best way to continue to learn. This is a great idea!