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Weak Remington 597 Charging Handle

Flimsy charging handle on Remington 597. It wobbles in the receiver and pulls out too easily. It is plastic and lousy. Does anyone make a metal one that fits properly?


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@speedloader45 There is a guy on Facebook (Remington Man Dave) that makes what looks like aluminum charging handles for $36. I am not on Facebook but his name came up when I typed in Remington 597 charging handle in my search engine. You are not the only 597 owner complaining of this issue. Hope you find what you are looking for.


I have the same question, and recently stumbled upon this Youtube video. I would love to have me one just as this one.

Anders Olsson

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Thanks for this tip!
I have contacted him, and in just a couple of minutes I got an answer back, and to my happy surprise he had an handle and also some extended mag release buttons on the way so I ordered one of each already.
I am very happy now I have found this tread and thereby also found Remington man Dave.

Thanks to all here at Mcarbo forum helping out in such nice way

Anders Olsson