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Want To Scope My AR-15


I’m another that will give 2 thumbs up to Primary Arms. They’ve got a lot of my money. I can’t say anything about their shipping because I live about 20 minutes from them so I just go pick up my orders. I hear they are really prompt though.


My two cents is from when I worked at a firearm retailer part time for fun … Vortex customer service is exceptional, their no hassle forever warranty is the real deal. We didn’t have issues very often but when did they really went after it to make things right. Their stuff is made in China, if that’s an issue. So every once in awhile an issue, but vortex never hesitated to offer replacement if needed.


I thought they had moved a lot of the stuff to being made in the Philippines now?


Hi Frank, as someone who used the M version of your rifle for 34 years, I concur with others have said, learn to use your iron sights. They are very accurate if you do your part. That said, I have used Meopta (you won’t find one for $300), Leopold Hog Hunter, Leopold FX series (I live the 6x), Nikon Pro Staff 5, and Vortex. All are good scope, all have good customer care. You could not go wrong with those brands. All have something in the price point you are looking for, but don’t base it soley on price. What do you want to do with it, will have a big consideration on what you can get. If you plan on shooting longer ranges, a scope set up with pre set distances in it may be your best bet. I f you are planning on going hell bent at under 100 meters a 4x with a tactical style reticle may be a better option.


Most of their price driven stuff is China. Other products made in Philippines and Japan. Their awesome “vip” warranty is the same regardless