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Want To Scope My AR-15


@Dane: Now the Leupold VX-R 1.5-5x33mm reticle is something that I can relate to:

But, would stil like some mil-dots. Yeah, I know, I have become an onery curmudgeon.


Burris AR332 or AR536 right now burris sellin em with free fastfire gen 3 mounted. run one on one of my FrankenARs

IF you can spend it, Trijicon , ACOG TAO1 is my favorite, with mildot. if ya got the coin, piggy back it with a EOTECH magnifier…


Will check it out. Thanks


I have 5 set up with scopes and one with open sights. One has a cheap Aimpoint 3x scope. It’s a cheap one, but I really like it for snap shooting. Have another one with a Bass Pro 4x scope, it has very fine cross hairs and is good for gophers. Have one with a Nikon 3x9x40 AR 223 scope. One with a ATN X-Sight II, 3X14 Day/Night vision scope with IR illuminator. Last one is an AR10 with a Pusar Apex XD50 4x8 thermal scope. All but the day/night scope and thermal scope are in or very near your price range. All have served me well shooting hundreds if not thousands of rounds.


forgot to post the pic’s of the Burris AR series. sign of old age, me forgettin crap.

what were we talkin bout???



@FrankG, you didn’t mention your intended use for the optic? I own two AR’s… one has iron sights, I highly recommend you become proficient with the irons. I owned an AR for years before I did, I was always of the opinion that an optic was a better option but that was before I learned how to use the peeps. I was amazed at the accuracy I was able to achieve in many situations with absolute reliability. That being said, there is nothing cooler than a quality optic mounted to the top of a well built AR! All of the options suggested here are excellent choices, however; back to my initial question about your intended use. For my scoped AR I actually have two optics, an EoTech 512 AA for CQB and two legged varmints at 0-300+ yds. I also have a Nikon 4-12 40mm P-223 with the BDC reticle for smaller critters and longer ranges, @$164.00 from Natchez, it’s great bang for your buck. No matter what optic you choose, invest in a quality set of rings, that will hold zero when removed so you may switch between optics just in case you don’t have funds or space in the safe for multiple AR’s.


Go to Primary Arms and check out their ACSS reticles

This is the one I have on my TAVOR

Tihs is the 3X scope on the S2K


OK, with an AR in 5.56 at 200 yds, you don’t need a range finding reticle, you ballistic drop with be insignificant
for those parameters, my choise is the Leupold AR 3-9 with a P5 dial
on line sales for under $300
Good scope - I have one on my AR - very bright in low light - such as dusk in the woods or our NW winters
excellent contrast definition when looking for subtle browns in woodland background
good field of view at 3X for snap shots - use a high ring mount
and if need be - you can reach out 500 yds with the 9X and P5 dial


Re Primary Arms 1-6. They also have this as a 1st focal plane scope. $300 right now. Looked at in in their storefront last week. Reticle really shines at the larger magnification end.


I like the Nikon P-223 on my AR. Straight 4x power with BDC reticle. It is simple, but effective for range time or for coyotes.


DANG!! Your advice has always steered me right… but that busy ACSS reticle makes my eye crazy and my two brain cells just quit. Gotta say thanks brother, but no thanks!! :joy:


Just giving the info maybe someone will like it.
I think a FFP/ illuminated scope for less than $300 is a deal.

Here is the Ml dot reticle https://www.primaryarms.com/primary-arms-4-14x44mm-ffp-riflescope-arc-2-moa-reticle



I think that I am going to need all the help I can get for my scope selection on my 10/22 Custom build. All my money will be invested in this build. I want to scope it ‘right,’ but not break the bank! Any thoughts?


What kind of magnification ? $249.00 for a FFP mil dot illuminated https://www.primaryarms.com/primary-arms-4-14x44mm-ffp-riflescope-arc-2-moa-reticle


@Turmeric1 Right now, I am thinking at least 100 yards. If I decide to do any competitions, and do any type of varmit hunting, would I need/desire to go bigger?



The reviews on the scope and customer service seem wonderful. Now a good set of silver anodized rings would top off this package???


I have dealt with them since '14. only had good things to say. No issues and 2 days from TX to OH


I kill crow out to 400 yds with 10 power on a Ruger M77V 6mm

field of view @14 power is 7.83 feet
With the FFP reticle the crosshairs are very pronounced. at that range and the mil dots are accurate at any magnification.

I have 3 Vortex VIPER PST scopes ($900.00 scopes) which have real nice glass. Glass on the PA scopeIMO right up there for $249.00. The reticle is fully illuminated so the DUSK and DAWN can give you 30 to 45 more minutes. of hunt time. My experience is that is the time that animals tend to move.

Another finr scope is the HAWKE 17-420 It will give ranging out to 11 mil1 hold over and windage, with windage holds for direct wind compensation and it is mill dot not just for certain calipers. and is FFP $599.00MSRP. these are the scopes used by airgunners.
With my benjamin ARMADA .25 33gr zeroed @ 50 yds my hold over is 4mil @100 and I can ring a 6" bell all day long in cross winds. using that scope.
FYI THE GLASS IS great and LIFETIME worldwide warranty.
The parallax adjustment on these scopes are so fine that @50 yds the clarity of the glass and accuracy of focus you can dial it in within feet for use as a range finder. That side wheel that comes with it is what airgunners use for ranging when shooting field trails.


Another vote primary arms


There is a lot of good glass out there, and now is a good time to look for it. Try a lot of the online retailers and look for last years models. I got a left over Meopta for a hell of a good price and that is going on my project rifle. I have 1-4 Hog Hunter from Leopold that is awesome. Same for Nikon’s in that price point. Vortex also makes a good scope in that price range. Depending on what you want to do there is a lot of good glass out there.