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Want To Scope My AR-15


I want to put a scope on my AR-15. It already has pop up magpul sights that I’m pretty happy with. What scopes do you guys think I should look at? I’m thinking the $300.00 range.


what is your intended use?
optics or Holographic?
variable or fixed power?
what range are you looking to shoot?
I have 6 scoped ARs, each a different scope for different applications


Good questions. For this one optics. Variable power. Perhaps 50 to 200 yards.


@FrankG You should be able to get a Vortex or Burris in that price range, both good optics.


@FrankG Here is a good buy. Vortex SE-1624-1 Strike Eagle 1-6x24 (10.5", 30mm tube, 17.6oz) AR BDC reticle scope (check reticle picture on Vortex website). On Ebay item #122962870685. 100% positive feedback from this seller. All ratings on this scope are 5 star. Brand new $299.99 or MAKE OFFER. Seller is mollysplacellc in Kennedyville, Maryland. More than 10 available. It sells for $388.00 on Amazon. MSRP is $399.99.AC_SY400


@FrankG Here’s what it would look like on an AR.%24_32


Highly recommend scopes in the 1-4x, 1-6x, 1-8x range. @dave67 has suggested an excellent variable power scope in the Vortex brand. Check to see if scope gives a true 1x because you will need it if the target gets well within your sight-in range.


I put a Leupold AR 1.5x4 on my AR15, using a Burris PEPR (proper eye position) mount. Also added a Burris Fastfire 3 dot. Should be keeping in your price range and good for CQB and out to several hundred yards.



I just looked it up and it says “a true one-power”.


Well that settles that issue. Sounds like the vortex is something I want to buy. Have a 1-4x Truglo on my armalite right now. It was an inexpensive scope to prove concept of 1-xx scope for my AR. Thanks for the feedback @dave67. :+1:


@russ Thinking of getting one myself but the reticle is a little different for me so I don’t know but seller has make offer so probably can get it cheaper than the asking price.


Sounds like a plan to me!! :grinning:


@russ Here is the reticle…ret_strike-eagle_ar-bdc_moa-t


@dave67: Wow, not sure about that reticle myself! Guess being an “old timer” looking for cross hairs with mil-dots has me wondering if I could use that reticle especially in a snap shot.

Think I would have to go back to school to learn about all the info displayed!! :thinking:


@russ I have a Burris AR-332 optic on my AR and it has this reticle which is not far off from the Vortex but it’s a fixed 3x power and 32mm objective not 24mm.


Primary Arms 1-6 x 24 ACSS reticle is like this:

With that much info being displayed I’m afraid that I would be too busy calculating and miss the shot! :rage:


Well, I think that I could live with the Burris reticle. Not sure about the others, us “old timers” hate to have to learn something new. Oh well, adapt or die huh?


That’s why I like my Leupold AR 1X4, has a simple duplex reticle. Most of those others just look too busy to me.


@frankg here’s a link to a good deal from SWFA that includes free shipping.


@FrankG: the Primary arms 1-6x24 is listed on Amazon for $289 if you want to take a look.

Sheezz, hope I put that link in right!!