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Walther PPK aka James Bond, Equalizer


Reminds me of a “girl” I knew in Korea :face_vomiting:


…so back to the PPK.

I agree with @Wedge that generally speaking ALL weapons today are fundamentally better, cheaper, lighter, more accurate, and better capacity.

They are better by any metric except one.

They have no soul!

Pick up an M1 Garand, a C96, a Winchester '73 and you know in a heartbeat exactly what I mean. Even the humble Makarov or in this case the PPK conjures nostalgia that you will never have with a Glock. It is a soulless hunk of plastic that is only missing a set of blank staring doll-eyes!

All of that said I still carry a PPQ 4" every single day. :grin::+1:


I prefer old school on certain things too. I have the PPK/S in 22LR, can’t wait for the Fort Smith 380’s to hit the shelves around where I live. I added dots to the sights on the 22 with white epoxy appliance enamel and a toothpick for an improved sight picture and it helped tremendously. As long as a piece is reliable, the aesthetics matter too (why I have a CZ instead of a Glock, sorry they’re just ugly to me despite how well they shoot, lol).


My DIY sight dots:PPK%20sights


Eh, not always. I’ve had a G19 Gen 2 since 1994. Bought it in flight school in Corpus Christi, TX at a gun store in the Sunrise Mall off of SPID. Gun store in the mall…gotta love TX. It’s been through a lot of adventures, carried over a zillion miles, etc. It’s nostalgic to me and it’s also the longest I’ve ever owned any single pistol. LOL


I still in love with my Makarov, in fact, after roughly 6 months being OD green, it was getting chipped up hear and there, but no where near the corrosion, Just a couple of small tags of it, i decided to use the same brand coating but a different color, will post pics of Natasha in her new clothes tonight tomorrow night…


“NATASHA” Done went and got all dressed up shes a dirty Blonde now…
Makarov in Coyote



Nice looking piece, Buck!


The PPK is what it is. (excellent)
I fail to see the point made by those who put it down. Sure, there is always a better gun no matter what you own.

Some own more than one gun.

The PPK is solid, and time tested.
The history is off the chart. If I did not have one, would want one. I also want many other guns - just because.
It is not my everyday carry to Home Depot (.22 NAA Mag) , but often carry it, especially on trips as I have confidence in it.
It is small, very comfortable, accurate, reliable, and the .380 Hornady Critical Defense round will do the job.

It is heavy compared to guns to made with plastics, but not that heavy as I aint a small girl. I carried full size guns for years, this is smaller and lighter and lethal.



As I have gotten older, personally, I do not enjoy any recoil over 9MM… Besides, back in the early 1900s, the Maffia did their ‘business’ with the 22’s. I would not have a problem unloading a clip at my adversary (at close range) if need be… :shushing_face::thinking:


I don’t remember anyone putting it down, including me. I just compared it to modern offerings. Time marches on, yo… I wouldn’t want to daily drive a car designed in the early '30s, either.


“I don’t remember anyone putting it down”

There you go doing it again, just more cleverly. Good fun.
(I really don’t want to have a moderator on my ass):innocent:

A car analogy does not fit.
These days cars are all about computers. Hand guns, not so much.

The gun goes back a thousand years and not much change as to how it works.
Powder blows up from a spark and the force of the blast pushes a projectile down a barrel toward a target.

What has changed is how to accomplish that.
Maybe the biggest advance was the conical bullet?
Most recent changes in hand guns is more as to materials than function.
The first 1911 is less than one now made by Springfield, but not as to function or reliability.
I would love to have both.

I don’t think the PPK or the 1911 or the Winchester 73 are dated. I don’t think much real advancement has come on line. Guns like these have been tested and proven to be the real deal.

The 1930 cars you bring up did the job. New ones are a lot better.
The 1930 PPKs, 1911s, etc are still as good as any out there. Some new guns are slightly better and some are junk.