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Walther PPK aka James Bond, Equalizer

This is a great gun.
It is heavy due to being all stainless. There is no plastic.
It has a long history going back to 1930.

It is surely one of the best designed guns of all time.
It is a double action semi-automatic pistol.
As with anything popular for so long, asshole critics show up to get their 15minutes.

I have one made in the USA by S&W that is only 20 years old.
My first one was bought at the factory in Ulm, Germany. They put it in a vice, fired it and gave me the target. They gave me the tour, and it was quite an experience.

This is not a post to say it is better than any other gun.
Mine have been accurate and reliable. It is one I often use for CCW as I know with Hornady loads, it will help me out. Your CCW should be a gun you like and trust.

Then there is the fun factor.
Back when, 007 arrived. Us guys around 16-25 were looking for how to be “cool”. Times were very different then, no internet crap. On the big screen came a guy who was super cool. In the day every thing James Bond did was what all us nerds aspired to. He was like a manual or instruction book. That is funny, but true.

Later when my peers and I were settled some, came Robert McCall.

That is one cool guy.

Not wanting a PPK is like not wanting a 1911 or a '73.


think thats why I like the Makarov’s so much a lot of similarities between the lay out & weight of the PPk’s and the MAKs
liked em even more with the faab defense grip that moved it to a thumb mag release…
lot to be said of the older steel/stainless smaller autos…


Very cool and iconic guns. Hopefully soon, I’ll have a P-64 and we can argue about which is best. LoL.


you know your cool guy died a couple of years ago and was acting in a british soap opera then and the only weapon he had was the one behind his zipper :grin: @YardCrap


I liked my Interarms imported PPK/s, but it was just too big and heavy for the payload it carried. It’s hard to carry something like that when things like the Sig P365 exist, which is smaller, lighter, holds 10+1 of full 9mm, has night sights standard, etc. +P rated, too. :+1:


I love the PPK… going to buy one of
the new Arkansas versions for Xmas. Enjoy!