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Walther PPK aka James Bond, Equalizer

This is a great gun.
It is heavy due to being all stainless. There is no plastic.
It has a long history going back to 1930.

It is surely one of the best designed guns of all time.
It is a double action semi-automatic pistol.
As with anything popular for so long, asshole critics show up to get their 15minutes.

I have one made in the USA by S&W that is only 20 years old.
My first one was bought at the factory in Ulm, Germany. They put it in a vice, fired it and gave me the target. They gave me the tour, and it was quite an experience.

This is not a post to say it is better than any other gun.
Mine have been accurate and reliable. It is one I often use for CCW as I know with Hornady loads, it will help me out. Your CCW should be a gun you like and trust.

Then there is the fun factor.
Back when, 007 arrived. Us guys around 16-25 were looking for how to be “cool”. Times were very different then, no internet crap. On the big screen came a guy who was super cool. In the day every thing James Bond did was what all us nerds aspired to. He was like a manual or instruction book. That is funny, but true.

Later when my peers and I were settled some, came Robert McCall.

That is one cool guy.

Not wanting a PPK is like not wanting a 1911 or a '73.


think thats why I like the Makarov’s so much a lot of similarities between the lay out & weight of the PPk’s and the MAKs
liked em even more with the faab defense grip that moved it to a thumb mag release…
lot to be said of the older steel/stainless smaller autos…


Very cool and iconic guns. Hopefully soon, I’ll have a P-64 and we can argue about which is best. LoL.


you know your cool guy died a couple of years ago and was acting in a british soap opera then and the only weapon he had was the one behind his zipper :grin: @YardCrap


I liked my Interarms imported PPK/s, but it was just too big and heavy for the payload it carried. It’s hard to carry something like that when things like the Sig P365 exist, which is smaller, lighter, holds 10+1 of full 9mm, has night sights standard, etc. +P rated, too. :+1:


I love the PPK… going to buy one of
the new Arkansas versions for Xmas. Enjoy!


All true, but to compare a near hundred year old model to a new gun is not fair.


@YardCrap I don’t know about that…I wouldn’t want to stand in front of my C96 “red 9”. Modern means lighter and smaller, NOT better. Back then MEN were better. IMHO


Sorry, but you made that comparison to modern designs yourself with that statement. What you should have said was “of the era”, not “of all time.” Like it or not, “all time” means modern designs are included, as well. :wink:


Holy crap, you’re back!


And, very likely higher capacity, better (night) sights, better ergonomics, better safety features, better/more durable finishes, very often more reliable, etc. Face it. Old guns are cool from a nostalgia standpoint and nobody’s saying they aren’t still effective but, GENERALLY, a modern gun in the same class as an antique gun is almost always “better” in probably more than one category.


Wedge, I agree, my mistake.

I do think the PPK/s compares well to modern guns. It is accurate and reliable.
It is not too big or too heavy. Because a gun is lighter does not mean this one is too heavy. My reference is 30 years with a much bigger/heavier gun at work. I have 30 years as a cop in Charlotte.
I have many suits and sports jackets with the lining worn out due to carry of full size .38, .357, and .40 as we could not choose. Even then against regulations often carried a .380 with a .25 backup.
To me the PPKs seems light.

In movies heroes often require many rounds.
In real lfe that is rare unless you work for a drug cartel.
The PPKs can spit out a few lethal Hornady rounds as quick as one’s finger can move.
That is all most require. Wyatt and others did OK with a six shooter.

I have been on the scene of ?? shootings done by many types of guns. At one sad point, I had to sign off on every death in Charlotte. I was trained at the U of Kentucky by the top pathologist in the USA like the ones who did Kennedy and kool aide Jones.
I hate an autopsy, I hate it. I want to pass out and save myself.

The deal is guns are lethal or at the least harmful.
Unlike what you imply, the PPKs has great ergonomics, and safety features. The “durable finish” you speak of is stainless steel, so very durable.

The PPKs sights are usable, but this is a gun for up close where aim may be from the belly, not the eye.
On all FBI courses one is taught to fire quickly and effectively from the waist.
For me personally if the target is way off, I am using that distance to get the hell out of danger. Let the cops clean that asshole hole up at a later date. That is no longer my job, and they are up to the task.

PPK/s is certainly not the best CCW, but a time tested good choice.

Often my CCW is the NAA .22 mag. Wedge, bet that choice will not meet your standard.
I see you are a “mod”. I hope us having a fun discussion does not get me banned.


I was talking about the original design. No SS finish back then and it’s not so ergonomic if you got slide bit, which was quite common (I did and it hurts and draws blood), without the new extended beavertail in your picture. I don’t think even my later '70s vintage PPK/s was drop safe, either.

Agreed. Never said it wasn’t a viable option for carry. Just that, to me, I had better options.

Oh, heck no. We don’t have any Nazi mods here. When everyone keeps everything respectful, no personal attacks, etc and everything will be hunky dory. :+1:


@YardCrap, I’m in your camp when it comes to the PPK. Most of the time the 9mm kurz (.380) is in my pocket. When it comes to being discreet, then it’s my “Hush Puppy”, a suppressed German made PPK in 22 LR. It’s not how many or how big the rounds you shoot are, it’s how good you can shoot under pressure.


What a coincidence, I was once arrested in Charlotte.

I think the PPK is a cool little pistola. I’ll get one eventually.
Kinda agree with @Wedge , there are better, newer options.


I like em all, But with the newer guns I find myself, Even on the larger frame polys givin more than one check “tap” on the holster to make sure when i leaned over to picksomethin up it didnt shift in the holster. I know it wont but i find myself doing it anyway, cause i dont really feel its weight. where as with a 92FS,M1911, Browning high power,and or Makorov or Tokarov, I dont have to “tap” I know exactly by feel its where it should be.
the only 2 that feel “Heavy” is the 45/70 barred “super” TC contender with Muzzle Brake, and either of the 44 Magnums. 44s, notice em a bit more, but the 45/70 hard to make not “Print” unless im wearing something like a tincloth duster :smiling_imp:
long as it works, and i trust its operation, i would carry a old army BP pistol without regret or worry if its all i had…


Wow I made an entire thread that was about @Wedge and now its got over 1300 posts! I would say our mods are pretty top notch and value differing opinions.


Well, it wasn’t exactly “respectful”, but it was funny as heck. Military rivalry bashing is always fun and the dirtier/nastier it is, the better it usually is. :rofl: