Walther PDP. 9mm

Has anyone had the chance to checkout the Walther PDP yet? I recently purchased a 4 inch compact. There seems to be a lot of modularity to this pistol. The sights are 3 dot with fully adjustable rear. Comes with 3 interchangeable palm swells and the standard sights are interchangeable with most Glock style sights. If you decide to put an optic on it you need to pick out the sight 1st then register on the Walther website and they will send you 1 free plate for mounting the optic. The got 3 different barrel lengths and in compact or full size in all 3 lengths… In this case compact or full size is the frame size and not the barrel lengths. Compact = 15rd mag / Fullsize= 18rd mag. Also Guns & Ammo gun of the year 2021


You mean this? I have the 4.5 inch full size with the Vortex Viper sight. I love it. I want to sell my Glocks now.


Sell a gun. Now that is just outright funny. Good one. :rofl:



Yea, you got me on that one.


Did your Viper mount right on or did you have to modify the sight? (I.E. file either end of the sight to get it to fit)

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You don’t have to file anything to get the Viper to fit on the PDP. You just need to get the plate from Walther. That’s why I chose it (and the incredible deal at Palmetto State Armory) over the Vortex Venom. Which won’t fit and you would have to file it a bit.

Chevron dot inside 32 MOA circle


Absolutely Love my Walther dressed up with custom wood palm swells really feels great warms it up some.

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Welcome to the family


Best shooter I own. My Colt 1911 in 45ACP and my Walther PDP!!! Can’t miss!