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Walmart To Join The Idiocy

It seems Walmart, after the 2 shootings in their stores, has decided to make some policy changes and join the nationwide gun panic.

  1. No longer able to open carry in Walmart stores nationwide.

  2. No longer selling hand guns in Alaska. (The only state they currently sell them in.)

  3. No longer selling .223 or 5.56 ammunition nationwide once current stocks are depleted.

  4. No longer selling hand gun ammunition of ALL caliber nationwide once stocks are depleted.

So much for the Winchester 9mm white box. The lunacy never stops. Maybe this is a good thing. I want to go into these Walmart stores less and less anyway.


I quit there when they became china-mart years ago. no big loss nother corporate giant trying to influence policy. they will loose more people than they gain… just like Dicks sporting goods did here.


Let’s hope. I liked their prices on the white box of 500 for 85 bucks. That’s really the only thing they were useful for.


You already know why.