M*CARBO Brotherhood

Waiting on Hurricane Delta

Lazy, boring day waiting on Hurricane Delta. Come on 6 Hurricanes in Louisiana this year is enough.
Hunkered down with the wife and dog. Go bag ready if we have to leave in a hurry. Current forecast has the eye passing 40 miles west of us. It’s really wet out there.


Lake Charles here. I took off to Toledo Bend but my neighbor sent a video. Not bad yet over there. Take care.


@Bmcd1947 @MrMachinist y’all keep your heads down I’m in the fl panhandle thoughts and prayers with everyone


Thanks. Things are settling down still gust to 60+. To dark to check on damage but at least no water flowing in the house. You living in the panhandle know first hand how this goes. Lots of blue tarps up tomorrow. Feel sorry for the folks on Lake Charles having to go through this again.


I got word from neighbors that have 1-2’ of water in their houses. I’m up on a hill and supposed to be dry though. I’m headed home in the morning.


All good here. A few more shingles gone my tarp partially came off my roof, few new wet spots on the ceilings, and some branches in the yard. I’m truly blessed. Across the street 3 families lost pretty much everything.