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Wait time is ridiculos

Be thankful you have gun stores to go to right now, not to mention ranges. I live in the glorious (sarcasm) state of Massachusetts. Our staunch conservative (more sarcasm) Republican governor (calling him a RINO would be an insult to all RINOs) flipped flopped multiple times and decided that during these dangerous times, gun stores and gun ranges are not essential businesses so while liquor stores, pot shops and stores selling lottery tickets are all still open, we are not allowed to open any gun stores or go to our gun ranges. Lawsuits have already been filed, but by the time they are even heard we will be dealing with COVID-35. I can go out of state for ammo, but no guns until our liberty loving governor decides he doesn’t have to stay huddled in the corner shaking and crying out fear.


Questionable here in MD. I think most of the ranges are closed (what few there are). My LGS was only handling FFL transfer pickups, one person in the store at a time. That was over 5 weeks ago and he had no ammo and only a few guns left on the racks. Not sure what the deal is now.

EDIT: Just got a text from the owner, still doin’ biniss :+1:

A politician flip flopping? Never…better chance of seeing a Sasquatch… :rofl:


Indiana deems gun stores essential so they’re still open. My LGS discourages but doesn’t prohibit using the range for recreation - they’re trying to do their part - but there’s no problem when you buy a gun from them or need to test a repair or zero an optic. They can get ammo but it’s expensive - 9mm is $350 a case. New guns and parts are slow to arrive but still available. I’ll be glad when (if?) the shutdown ends - supposedly May 1st here.