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Wait time is ridiculos

Went today to see if I can buy a new gun. Found a KEL-TEC RDB 17inch barrel. under a $1,000. waited on line to be helped. There were counted 17 people ahead of me and about another 15 people behind me. Not to rag on people, but please get your CCW so you don’t hold up the rest of the World and make sure you will past back round check before you buy your first gun. I waited 2 hours and became the 12 person on line. The problem was some people who did not pass back round check where arguing that their record is clean. So left empty handed. Store opens at 10 am will try to be there at 9am. So this is my Rant for the day.


@killingjoke A sign of the times…hard to find “gun people” in Gun Stores right now.


@killingjoke I order online and pick up from FFL hassle free


@killingjoke RDB is running low $799-850ish online. Might be an option for you if you can stand the delivery time.


I’m such a regular at my LGS I just go behind the counter get the gun I’m buying and get my paperwork and fill it out plus I sometimes help them show guns and explain them



I do the same, good deals online. My FFL holder is 3 miles away, old retired ARMY guy…loves my business.


@Kona The second guy behind me ordered his AR on line received his conformation number told to come down for pick up and was told needed to get in line. There should be will call area for those who purchased on line but nooooooooooo! get your butt in line.


@killingjoke my FFL does business out of his living room. He’s not a LGS.


This is how I do it. Coordinating pickup can occasionally conflict with family time and such, but he’s affordable and convenient. I bought my first few through a LGS due to not wanting to deal with the FFL process but most websites make it easy


My FFL runs a sod farm, no LGS for me either. He only does business with CWP’s.


The FFL I use is by appointment only so there is never a line. I am trying out a LGS on the serialized p80 frame I ordered last week. See how it goes. Would be nice to be able to just go anytime to pick up a gun.


Sounds almost as bad as Cabelas


@Albroswift get this, they have a sign about half way down at the line up that says at 5:30 pm no more gun purchases. So if on line at 4pm and your the next one but wait. 5:30 pm sorry closed.

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My FFL is a cousin who set up a small shop in a corner of his basement. Hours are by appointment or when I get there. No waiting or lines here. :laughing:


Others have felt your pain, BUT, on a lighter side, - I got this from one of my other links/subscriptions -

An employee of a Florida Gun Shop called me last week to let us know that a very liberal customer was quite angry that he could not pick out a gun, pay for it and walk out of the store with it. This is the story he shared in pretty much his own words:

After filling out the 4473 Form, and showing his drivers license, the customer was annoyed that he had to go through a background check. He angrily questioned, “Don’t you know who I am?” (He is a City Commissioner) When I told him it didn’t matter, he said it was a waste of resources to do background checks on law-abiding people and said the law obviously “needed exceptions.”

He got more angry that the background check took almost 20 minutes, and said, “there is no excuse for it to take this long.” Once he cleared the background check and paid for the handgun, he about blew a gasket when he found out that he had to wait 3 days and come back before being allowed to take possession of the handgun and walk out with it.

He DEMANDED to know “Why can’t I take it now? I need it now.” He was not happy to hear that it was the LAW. He then explained, “I hate guns and I have supported gun control in the past but this is damned ridiculous. When you need a gun you should be able to get it.”

He then stormed out of the gun shop.

And from redstate.com, that had me laughing so hard I almost choked -

More than a dozen of these buyers (men and women) actually thought that since they filled out and signed everything, they could just walk out and go home with the firearm. Several actually said they saw how easy it was to buy a gun on TV and why did they have to fill out all these forms.

The majority of these first timers lost their minds when we went through the Ammo Law requirements. Most used language not normally heard, even in a gun range. We pointed out that since no one working here voted for these laws, then maybe they might know someone who did. And, maybe they should go back and talk to those people and tell them to re-think their position on firearms – we were trying to be nice.

Most were VERY vocal about why it takes 10 days minimum (sometimes longer if the DOJ is backed up) to take their property home with them. They ask why do I need to wait 10 days if I need the protection today or tomorrow? We pointed out again that no one working here voted in support of that law..


It’s amusing and shocking that so many people know so little about the policies and people they support in government. We all get it, the heathen gun owners, but it is lost on them until things like this happen. Hopefully this experience will be a wake up call to all of these people and they’ll pay more attention and understand the repercussions of the things they typically support with blind faith and ignorance.


I doubt it will make any difference at all. They want there to be “exceptions”, but only for them since the rest of us are inbred hicks who use guns to compensate for our well-deserved feelings of inadequacy.

I could go on but don’t want to get political. I’m just scared some total noob is gonna be irresponsible and kill a child, and the gun grabbers will use it to demonize us even more. Governor Klan-bake immediately comes to mind.


Or we can hope that when this flu bug passes and things go back to normal, those 1st time Lib buyers will regret their purchase. Then I can pick up their NIB, unfired gun online for a song. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I like how you think. I’m saving back part of my “stimulus” check so I can get stimulated with more inadequacy-eliminators. :rofl:


Sorry @phuzzy42, sometimes the dreamer in me creeps out from under the rock…

Yes, there’s this, rather unfortunately. Gun safety is essentially common sense…and then I remember most people don’t seem to have that anymore…

This will probably happen, they’ll feel ashamed and that they betrayed their cause in a moment of viral panic. COVID made me do it…