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VZ.24 Czech Mauser

So I’ve had this VZ.24 since the '80’s, was my brothers. It has an odd history, sometime in the very early '50’s, Roy Weatherby got ahold of it and decided it’d make a fantastic 7mm Weatherby Magnum. Re-barreled it, a new stock and a Unertl 6X scope. Shoots flat for a good piece and has some serious punch. From what I can tell, it’s an original Czech made Mauser action, built sometime in the 30’s. Was most likely re-blued when it got re-chambered/barreled. For years I’ve toyed with the idea of restoring it’s military heritage, but never did. As I remember, around 68 or 69, my dad thought it’d be a good idea to use fiberglass resin as a stock finish. It developed some drips and he never finished sanding or polishing it and they’re still there to this day. So. After getting a Geissele trigger for another project, this fellow makes me an offer for an original Czech stock, complete with all hardware for a ridiculous price. Yeah, I bought it too, and a period correct leather sling (repo). Here’s a teaser pic…I’ll take a better one later today so we can compare to the “after”.


OK, this is how I got it and it’s been like this for as long as I can remember. First came into the family around 66/67.


Looks cool! I love guns with history! One question though…the scope; is it level or is it an optical (see what I did there? :wink:) illusion? It seems to be lower in the front than the rear.


@Timbo Yeah, I see what you did there lol. It’s an illusion. The rings make it look like that as the front of the receiver is higher. Here’s a sneak peek of her new (old) furniture.


I figgered as much. My dad had a mint Enfield 303 Mk something or other back when I was a kid. Unfortunately, I had three other younger brothers that liked it too. He ended up selling it to someone else not even related, probably for a song because he didn’t want any of us fighting over it. :roll_eyes:


I have a near new VZ24 with all crest and markings. Want to trade foe your rig?


@Festus That’s pretty cool! :+1: I would have to restore it back to the Weatherby Spec. Just because that’s pretty cool! :sunglasses:

Is it a one off hand built? Or did he do a few of them? If you know.


@DrSam I’ll have to pass on your offer. Edit: Now if you wanted to offer a Winchester M70 target in 30-06…

@jeffing65 As it is, it’s just a re-finish of the stock away from as delivered. Yes, a one off build. It was built for an uncle, passed to my dad and then to my brother from where I came to have it. I do plan on stripping off the resin and refinishing the stock, it sure has potential! And, I can swap furniture around as I please now.

Edit: Morning coffee is having the desired affects…As it was delivered, it had (I believe) Williams sights, the scope was added in the late 60’s by my dad.


@Festus No matter which way you go, that is a very cool rifle.:+1::+1::+1:


I found this while reading about weatherby.