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Volquartsen To The Rescue

Man, I am STOKED… :+1::+1: Scott at Volquartsen really impresses me. I had sent a ‘general email’ because of all the problems I have been having getting a 17HM2 barrel for my 10/22 Custom I have just built. After the ‘scare’ of the (22LR) ammo a number of years back, and, due to the ‘scare’ Volquartsen started making 17MH2 rifles because of the cost of the ammunition being close to each other. But since the manufacturing of 22LR has gone up, the interest of the 17MH2 has dwindled so Volquartsen discontinued the manufacturing of the ’ 17 MH2 replacement barrel.’ He responded to my email within 2 HOURS and I now have the answer that I have been waiting for… "DO YOU WANT ME TO MAKE YOU A SS BULL BARREL OR CARBON FIBER LIGHTWEIGHT BARREL?’’ :smiley::smiley:


I recently shot a 10/22 with a CF barrel. Impressive how light it was…And accurate as hell too!



I had set up my ‘first’ 10/22 custom build with a Magnum Research CF barrel. My completed outfit with a BSA Sweet 22 scope weighs 5 3/4 pounds. Even ‘switching’ my actions so that my wife can enjoy a ‘thumbstock,’ hers will weigh the same. I have been recently impressed by my own gunsmithing abilities. My only experience has been working on cars, over the years… Big smiles!


I think people that like to tinker in general will probably modify at least one gun if they own multiple! It’s fun!
I can’t get into something without going down the wormhole with mods and whatnot!
Good luck and hope you build turns out awesome!


@louie088 :rofl:

Been through my share of ‘wormholes’ this past year! :smiley: It has been fun! I do not by any means claiming to be a ‘gunsmith.’ I did, however, take a Practical Gunsmithing course to ‘challenge’ myself… It is my 3rd build, this year! Glad I dont make a lot of cash… Big smiles! I am sure that I have nearly $3K in this ‘hobby’ in 2019. I consider myself a ‘nubee…’ Mainly brought up as a ‘target shooter,’ starting out with my father around my 6th birthday! My ex-father-in-law took me hunting once in my early 20’s and didn’t start purchasing any firearms until 2012, when I got my concealed carry permit.