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Virginia Deputy Sheriffs

Wonder how the Virginia Sheriff thing is going to turn out?
He says he will deputize everybody who desires to continue carrying if/when the governor/legislature succeed in taking away Virginian’s gun rights.
Specifically, will it apply to anybody in the state, only registered voters, only those with permanent residence? Or, will it become a free-for-all and anybody who possesses a Va. CHL will be eligible? What will this mean for reciprocity?
I’m in Texas, legal to carry in Virginia and they are legal to carry here. If the Sheriff casts his net wide enough, he could overnight have several million deputies across the United States. As the highest ranking elected officials in most all states, Sheriffs have tremendous power. This is an untapped resource in the fight over the 2nd Amendment, nationwide.


@wise1 Hahaha…Yeah, what about that, huh? All interesting questions. :+1:


I’m hoping the Virginians will stick with it. This is a big deal and if they back down there isn’t much hope for the Second amendment being defended anywhere in the country.


What happened in Virginia happens when people do not get out and vote in the local and state elections. Here in Texas we saw what happens when voters vote straight ticket ballets. Harris county went totally dem and the people put into power don’t have a clue. I hope that in Virginia the state government will see that they have the making of a blood bath on their hands and don’t pass the super stupid gun laws.


If this law goes into effect on Jan 20, 2020 This I believe will be far worse than the Bundy Ranch incident a few years ago. There are many Militia groups are to rally in Virginia. The National Guard has swore an oath to up hold and protect the Constitution so they must not follow orders from the Governor. If they do it is Tyranny, A cruel ,unreasonable, or arbitrary use of power or control. But this is just my opinion.


He could just declare his jurisdiction a sanctuary county for 2nd amendment advocates. If other states and cities can declare sanctuary for illegal aliens, why not for legal citizen gun owners.


I’m in Virginia and we saw a lot of interesting things happen. First thing you have to know is in Virginia the population is concentrated in Northern Virginia, Richmond and the Tidewater area. As a governor candidate if you win those three areas you win the race and the rest of the state can’t do squat about it. We saw pretty decent turnout in my area.
Second thing is we saw a lot of the purple areas go blue simply by campaigning on the ongoing Trump vs Dems card. Several balanced counties went blue just because of that.
Third we saw several Commonwealths Attorney races won by candidates that campaigned on eliminating cash bail, no death penalty and not prosecuting marijuana cases which is ludicrous.
Right now 85 of the 95 counties have declared themselves either sanctuaries or passed resolutions supporting the second amendment. So many got vocal about the issue that the Dems are trying to modify language in one of our laws to address the law enforcement officers that have said they will not enforce the law. Virginia is a right to work state and it is illegal for law enforcement officers to strike. They have proposed adding language to the law that says if a law enforcement officer refuses to enforce the law that they are effectively quitting / terminated and will be decertified as a law enforcement officer. This doesn’t apply to sheriffs, who are elected officials but would apply to all of his deputies and all police officers.
2020 will be very interesting and we may need support in the challenge to our rights.
Stay safe everyone and I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas.


Pretty sure there are also groups from many other states willing to take a road trip to make sure this gets nipped in the bud ASAP. Hopefully it will not get that far and the locals can shut them down without a big problem before anything is actually done. The left will be testing the waters for this same MO from now until they get it done. From what i can tell, it’s not going to happen anytime soon.


Have you actually read the law? In most states it is the Governor who must call out the National Guard, then the Feds may step in and direct their activities after the President declares an Emergency. The name, National Guard, is a misnomer. Read TITle 10
of the United States Code for when the guard is under federal control. Title 32 talks about applicable state laws when the guard is under state control.

The Army National Guard MAY be called up for active duty by the state governor to help respond to a domestic emergency and/or disaster including, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and Civil Disorder. The District of Columbia Army National Guard
is a federal militia, controlled by the President of the United States with authority delegated to the Sec of Defense and through him to the Secretary of the Army.

Most important of these laws: Members or units of the Army National Guard “may be ordered, temporarily or indefinitely, into the service of the United States. “becoming a component of the U.S. Army.

If the governor of Virginia were to call out the National Guard, President Trump could immediately order them nationalized, and to stand down from enforcement actions. And under “Perpich V. Department of Defense” Governors may not veto involuntary
activation of individuals or units activated for federal service, either training or national emergency.

The federal budget in 2018 allocated more than 16 Billion dollars for support and a strength of 343-thousand guardsmen (persons).