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Vinyl Wrap Anyone else try it

Thought I might ry it on my norinco coach gun. I definately need to kepp practicing


I’m doing my 350 Legend now. Cleaned it tonight.
Will be doing the wrap tomorrow night.

Got mine from GunSkins I think.


Okay, I’m not a fan of these wraps. The seams are clearly visible.
Where each individual piece meets another, the patterns don’t line up.
End result was unacceptable. Stripped it clean and tossed in the trash.
Maybe if I had chosen something other than Kryptek Yeti, it could be ok.
But the pattern was too defined to allow for mismatched seams.


I used the 3M wrap on my American Ruger, you know the ones with the plane green looking stock. A little heat will allow you to stretch it around curved areas and contour’s better, but for the seams you can still see them even if ya cut them as recommended. Sounds like using the ones you dip might work better. Haven’t tried them myself , but they look like they work well.

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