Vinyl Wrap Anyone else try it

Thought I might ry it on my norinco coach gun. I definately need to kepp practicing


I’m doing my 350 Legend now. Cleaned it tonight.
Will be doing the wrap tomorrow night.

Got mine from GunSkins I think.


Okay, I’m not a fan of these wraps. The seams are clearly visible.
Where each individual piece meets another, the patterns don’t line up.
End result was unacceptable. Stripped it clean and tossed in the trash.
Maybe if I had chosen something other than Kryptek Yeti, it could be ok.
But the pattern was too defined to allow for mismatched seams.


I used the 3M wrap on my American Ruger, you know the ones with the plane green looking stock. A little heat will allow you to stretch it around curved areas and contour’s better, but for the seams you can still see them even if ya cut them as recommended. Sounds like using the ones you dip might work better. Haven’t tried them myself , but they look like they work well.


Let us know how it turns out! I’ve been looking at 'em too and thought about doing the “patriot” flag one on my .223 to dress it up. I’m not sure if I have the patience though, I could barely sit still watching the kid on the Gun Skins" how to" video.


Shoot , just read your answer. Oh well maybe I’ll try painting it.


Since this thread I have gotten into Cerakoting and am very pleased with the results.
I’m trying to get setup to parkerize, as well, and then hot bluing. No more skins for me.


painting works well depending on what your after. done a few.
I tried one of the wraps in silver tiger, the way they cut it pattern would not line up it was on for about 2 weeks before i went a different direction. with with mag wraps on 6 mags, Those are a pain in the butt, now it gets a mag well slap, just cause.


My son did a nice job with vinyl on his 30 cal break barrel air gun. Even switched from camo to a fade in eggplant to bronze. Looks good.


That’s pretty cool, not my choice of color but it looks nicely done! I’ve always wondered how long that stuff lasts. Where I’m at it probably wouldn’t work that well on a hunting gun cause of the constant temp and humidity changes. I’ve seen some flag and other designs that I thought about but I’m too rough on my guns and would most likely wear it out.


For durability on hunting guns and guns that get used alot you would be better off going with a custom cerakote paint job which can get pretty pricey. Or hydrographics which also aint as cheap as most of these vinyl wraps thats out now. But i do hydrographics work and can say for a fact if done correctly will last a long time. I use all my guns and got several that i dipped years ago and overall still look great. Theres some spots here and there on the harder edges and heavy wear areas that you can see some worn spots but nothing major.


We’ve never had kid gloves either. Cheep enough to replace if it gets to tattered.

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Pics or it didn’t happen…Can you show us some of your dipped pics? or pics of your dipped pistols?


Been posting my hydrographics projects for years on here. Ill take some new pics of some of my hydro dipped guns this evening so brotherhood can see how well the finish has held up. I got alot of the hydrographic jobs ive done on my website as well . Of course those pics are after guns are freshly done so naturally they still look good. But ill get some pics on here of how well it holds up. And if its something anyone here would like to try they sell kits and i can show you where to get some killer film patterns. And with a little pratice on couple small items first im pretty sure most of you here could tackle it no problem. And if done yourself can be pretty cheap for a lasting custom finish.


Heres my yugo sks, my sub2k, and my NEF survivor 410/45LC. I havent takin the time to finish the survivor rifle thats why barrel is still desert tan. It catches the most abuse out of the 3 because it goes canoeing and camping where as the sks and sub2k are mainly just used as fun shooters. All 3 of these was hydro dipped 3 to 4 years ago and these pics was takin today.