M*CARBO Brotherhood

Viet Nam Veterans Day March 29th

To All my Brothers and Sisters who Served with me, Thank you


If there was ever a group of veterans mistreated by this country, it was the Vietnam vets. They were mistreated by a large number of the citizens and used as pawns by a majority of politicians. Whether we agree or not with the “conflict” as citizens we should ALWAYS show respect for those who put their lives on the line for this country. Our politicians are the ones who deserve the ridicule, not the vets who honorably served. I am sorry for the way my country treated these men. I know this is cliche’, but Thank You and Welcome Home.



Agreed 100%. Although I am not a Vietnam Vet, my father was. He served with one of the signal battalions in Long Binh in 69-70. I never thought much of it as a kid, but a trip to D.C. in my teens finally shocked me into reality. When I saw my father emotional at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial wall. Most of these guys were drafted, and had zero say in the matter if they went or not. Most of these protesters were NOT there due to the ridiculous policy of college deferment, which was totally discriminatory in it’s own right. The way these protesters treated these guys when they came home was down right disgusting. They only did what they were told to because they didn’t have the choice of that deferment. They didn’t dodge and go to Canada either. One would think that college aged and educated people would understand this, and just like today, one would be wrong. And also like today, when you see some of the crap going on in this country, it HAD to be an embarrassing time to be a patriot. It was disgusting, it was wrong, and we can’t EVER let that happen again.



So eloquently said, Joe. However, as we know how ‘history repeats itself,’ and being the BABY BOOMERS that we are needing to become more proactive with our State Representatives in our nation’s resolve! And one know’s how difficult that can be as he/she grows older, the energy to stick to one’s guns grows less and less? Besides the NRA, what other large organizations do you recommend supporting that would stand up for ‘us little people’ when it comes to keeping our freedom? That is what scares me… Another Civil War in the making! Hopefully, our nation has learned SOMETHING so that any reprocussions will be less felt. Amen.