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Video tour of the second range

This is the Almont range. A run and gun course, set up for 2 gun. Just finished mowing it so I thought I’d post a video since I said I would in another thread a while back.

My goal here was to build a 1st class 2 gun range for the wife and I. I’ve seen a lot of videos where competitions have to share a square range with other types of shooting and that just doesn’t appeal to me. I wanted something dedicated to 2 gun. Also I don’t want to be on dirt or rocks the whole time, which I also see a lot of.

14 pistol targets, 10 rifle and a Texas Star at the end. A clean shoot the way I’m running it now would be 47 rounds of pistol and 30 rounds 223 (or 20 of 308…sometimes).

My dream would be to set up another 2 gun range for a total of three separate ranges. Then to host a competition utilizing all three ranges around the second week in January when it’s like 20 to 30 below zero and blowing. Just the toughest conditions North Dakota has to offer. I shoot in that weather when I can and it takes things to a whole different place. It would be a fine suffering and would really weed out the men from the boys. Probably a two day affair. I already have a line on an old hotel a friend of mine owns about 6 miles away…

Almont Range video.


Nice layout, and yes, I’m envious.


Pretty much this. Nice work.


Great. Just another to add to my list of personal problems… I now have “range envy” as well.