Veterans...Thank You!


gift that keeps on giving for that gulf war crud. “genetic damage” as they so eloquently put it. i got a few choice names for it…:exploding_head:


@GOBLIN damage to the "mitochondrial DNA" they say.

How bad is it when shit actually messes up your DNA?!

I mean sweet baby jesus, between the oil fires, untested drugs, microbes in the sand, burn pits, and friggen depleted uranium munitions we were tossing around like it was free it is a wonder I have not turned green like the hulk!

Ever notice that as military technology advances the things we come home with grows so much worse?


yep . permanent “Black SKY” and clumps of crap rainin down on everything…
to the point i even go out and rage when a thunder boomer rolls across the black water…

dont even fire me up on those damn shots…


@GOBLIN or the chemical weapons that EOD destroyed by blowing up…or the 12,000 chemical detection alerts that were ALL false alarms? Lol


aye brother. at the end of the day brother, ive been looking back and i do realize, a lot of what i go thru now, is just paying for my past sins. ive earned that . and then some…


Maybe, maybe not…

Outside of here I don’t know you but I have heard lots of survivor’s guilt before.

No one earns disease or injury. No one deserves it. Its not karma otherwise there would a whole bunch of politician bastids right now fighting cancer, and other illnesses, not guys like me or you.


aint guilt brother dont get me wrong, i dont have a lot of the right words at times,or know when to use em. just a deal i made with one of my demons long ago, i carry part, he does to. makes me to remember.


@GOBLIN well Buck I am outta likes so just gonna have to give you a big :+1:


LOLOL im still waitin on last nites like famine to wear off. sorry man. im on my 4th day. i get a lil dark and twisted. i will get 3 or 4 hrs sleep tonight and be back tight.:smiling_imp:


I got one hourr to go on likes… and i will be out in 2.5 minutes… have to figure a code… got to go thru gifs…:+1:


I was an avid reader whilst growing up. I got so bad to the point I HAD to finish whatever book I was started reading-even if it meant me falling asleep with my face still in it. Around 8 or so I discovered WWII military history and my habit turned into an all out addiction. I could not get enough! The county librarian at the closest branch used to complain about me “reading all those ‘grownup’ books I didn’t need to be reading”… I didn’t care, I read everything war-related I could get my hands on-no matter the branch of service or where it happened or when -I was amazed, astounded and I dunno just how to put it-but it did make quite an impression. I understand how some veterans feel these days-especially the ones sent to Vietnam and I can’t say as I blame you one bit! I’ll still say thank you all for doing your duty and for those that would rather not-then let me say that I thank God for His wisdom in making men like you!


@GOBLIN Now You’ve done it’:star_struck: I had tried to put the Shot Lines and the Wonderful Effect’s of the same Out of my Mind! :rage: And why do I need another Hemoglobin shot’ before leaving Country back to States, In a C131 long A** Flight to Guam etc. My hip bone still bothers me this day in cold weather.:rofl:


@Johnksg your right there except all here on the forum wanted to know and were worried about and for you were all relived now your back :+1::+1::muscle:


As a vet, John as pretty much spoke for me. lol


Had to nock the dust off this pic: Army Deep Sea Diver
This was in Pohang, South Korea in 1984 (back when I had some hair). Did the full 20 and retired in 2001.