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Veterans...Thank You!



Thanks for the advice and don’t worry, you are helping me, not hurting me.

It is and will be my pleasure to take the time to get to know any veteran willing to spend the time talking with me.

I do understand that every veteran has their own story - that is, in part, what makes them so interesting.

I will stop with the “thank you for your service” comments, but be it known, I for sure, am grateful for our military. The USA would be nothing without them.


@JohnB and thats okay…tell vets that in a conversation. It will be appreciated.

Just not as a meaningless platitude.

Funny story. I drive for over 3 hours to a VA appointment that it took me nearly a year to get; only to find out the changed the appointment but didn’t bother to tell me.

I am angry, I complain, and every single VA drone after basically telling me to go f*ck myself…thanks me for my service!


Im not as verbose as some, a lot of us did it for God,Country and Constitution. so that those younger than us didnt have to go, unless they felt the call. mine didnt end the way i wanted it to. but thats ok. ive went over it 10,000 times, wouldnt do a damn thing different.
ive come to peace with most of my demons. Hell some even still keep me warm at night.

you want to thank a vet? stand against the enemies inside this country that attack to constitution and the country itself. you look to your six, i will be right there with ya, a lil older, a lil slower, but smiling while i return fire…:smiling_imp:



I have heard so many bad stories about how the VA treats veterans - I find it really shocking.

Hope you get what you were supposed to get in/via your appointment.


@Johnksg ya know John, those drones head will fit thru that plexiglass slot to the ears if ya catch the necktie just right …jus sayin :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


@GOBLIN you know what I can’t figure out Buck? If they put in all of those kiosks and we have to swipe our cards to confirm/check in for an appointment why are all those fat asses still sitting behind the counter? They have been completely replaced but are still drawing a paycheck??!!!


got me brother. i fought the bureaucracy for three days this time, just for the meds to go to the picc line that they just had to put in, to fight the infection that the bastards gave me…


@Johnksg Ah yes the Typical VA head up (A**) Thing did the same to me for a doctors Appointment in Anchorage for my (Agent Orange Claim) sent it to wrong box and never recieved.
So had to start the BS paper work all over again !! Even Though it was their mistake.
Was playing the game Boots on ground Thing (Blue water Navy) Some how my records of time at Danang Seabee Base lost Imagine that, long story short 2 years later they Denied Claim.


@DivaMarie you know not to go into much detail but some of my records both SRB and Medical had redacted parts due to security classifications. (I was hurt in a country we were not in). Lol

I actually had to have the head of the senate oversight committe intervene as only he could unseal the redacted parts…

I got 100% within a month and two years of back pay as well as the same with SSDI. :grin:


@Johnksg Thanks,Sadly My VA Rep passed away,before the denial came back after 2 years.
He was as Sharp as nail! He figured out a way to get all the guy’s who fighting these claims Who were never in Country/Laos Etc !! They Had to land Somewhere FFA
Records ! Whoop’s :sunglasses:



Just a shame that these ‘administrative jockies’ had their hands tied? Policies are written on a basis that it is covered/not. All the ‘gray area’ material has to have ‘hierarchy’ sign off. Sometimes a question comes to my mind, ‘Was it fear or laziness?’ It is all about ‘creative documentation’ in the claims process… Many of my brothers faced FFA Records lost!!! A matter of ‘convenience?’ Sorry for your fight, sister!


@DivaMarie you know that is not an isolated problem. US military has been in countries we swear we were never in for decades. Laos, Cambodia, Nicaragua, etc.

Guys still get hurt/injured but records are everything in the military. No records or sealed records means good luck getting a claim approved.:angry:


thats why Navy does the old, not where ya been buy where ya ended up thing. why you thing they reefed all the old ships? hard to prove where you got the exposure to lead,PCBs,asbestos, toxic chems, cellulube, when its on the bottom of the ocean itnit?


Amen to that! Agent What? Ain’t never Heard of that! :zipper_mouth_face:


tell me about it. lost a good friend to that particular “defoliant XXXXXXXX” by the name Gypsy. big man. hard not to be in his shadow. time it was done, he weighed less than me, and looked like a leopard. He would laugh, and hold his arm up beside mine out huntin. comparing em to my tattoo’s .had 1 looked real close to my snake.
got hosed down on a hill he wasnt supposed to be on, callin in strikes on ones his guys were goin on.

died 3 months and 8 days before his kid received approval paper work for his liver transplant… anyway. never did see the man without a grin. Heres to ya brother.:+1:

Like ya tomorrow diva, all out again today…


@GOBLIN We also lost a family friend to that particular color.



That is just awful! What recourse do you have at this point?


PEACE be with all who’ve served… AHO (AMEN!)


@DivaMarie not wanting to steal Diva’s thunder, but Little or no recourse.
called “embracing the suck” for lack of a better less family friendly expletive deleted.


@GOBLIN @DivaMarie same with “gulf war illness” and all of the other parting gifts those of us who served in theater get…to be opened years later.

When you look at the entire VA claims process, the sheer stupidity of VA and DOD computers not being able to talk to each other, the antiquated systems they use, the documentation requirements:

You quickly realize that the system is broken because they want it broken. If they fixed it then it would cost the government a ton of $$…a veteran who does not receive benefits costs nothing!