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Veterans...Thank You!


jeffing65, Johnksg

Some expressions are hard to beat for conveying a simple, but important thought. Do you (or anyone else) have a better expression for us to say to convey our gratitude for our veterans’ service to our country, and for that matter, to our law enforcement and other first responders for their service to their various communities?

I sure don’t want to offend any of you, especially in this regard.


@JohnB That is a really good question. Over the past few years, I have thought about that quite a bit in fact. In thinking about it as much as I have, I don,t know of any better or more appropriate way to convey the appreciation to our military, law enforcement, fire fighters, and first responders.

That is well said.
I think as @Johnksg and I were talking about the “thank you for your service” statement, it has become a “thing” people say that is sometimes hollow in it’s true meaning. Those like ourselves really understand that service and “do mean it”, but for most of the population who make that statement, I think it is for them not the people they thank. Kind’a like a bad Cliche.
As for something better to say to all of these folks (as I have no better alternative either), we still should never fail to stop for a moment say to them “thank you for all that you do for us” “thank you for your service” when have an opportunity to do so.



Thank you for the great reply.

I know a lot of the true feelings behind written comments are somewhat lost without the person saying them there in person to express them properly. Perhaps using some emoticons, too, will help?

I have expressed my gratitude in person many times, and will continue to for all my life.

Anyone who has honorably served our country in the military, law enforcement, or other first responders, should be proud, and would be a welcome friend.


@JohnB In the better than a decade now I have noticed how that statement in general, became a catch phrase that is a " get out of jail card " if you will, that is sufficient to ignore today’s reality’s with a clear conscience. ( middle east and our soldiers, problems at home, gangs, drugs, and so on ).

Just an observation of peoples behavior over time. That’s not true of everyone of course.



So, I should avoid using it any further?


@JohnB No, of course not. I still use it as well. Like you said, a simple expression of gratitude is hard to beat.
I don’t suggest not using it in any way or I had something better. In the end it truly depends on the person saying it and not so much the words themselves.


Thanks for the advice, jeffing65.

I will keep using it, but add a few words more and/or emoticons, so that the person receiving the comment will (hopefully) understand I truly mean what I say.


@JohnB You should do them as you would do them. Not on my perspective. I add to some and not others for many reasons specific to me. You should do the same. You will do fine


@JohnB and @jeffing65 sorry I left you hanging fellers…

No, there is no special phrase to be used, it is just the casual, insincere, formulaic manner in which it is used.

Its like a stranger passes by and asks, “how you doing?” They don’t really want to know and it would be an awkward situation if you told them how you are doing.

Same thing with the thanking vets all the time. Best not say it at all unless you really mean it. :grin:


dang it i still aint got any thanxs…


@GOBLIN brother thats why us vets tend to stick together, especially as we get older. Don’t need thanks but it helps to have a comrade who understands.



Thanks for getting back to me (and @jeffing65) on this.

I understand, but as I mentioned before, I really do mean what I am saying.

Is there some other way I should thank veterans for their service to our country?

I can’t change history. I am not a veteran and never will be. For the record, when I turned 18, I went to sign up for the draft (with my father), but was told that the draft had just been done away with like 2 weeks before. So, I was never drafted. And, college was heavy on my mind, so I went to college, never looking back.

I have a brother in law who was in the marines. He served in Vietnam and spent quite a bit of time (multiple tours?) overseas. So, I have heard stories from him about life in the military and serving our country. Not the same as being there, but that is as close as I will ever get.

Anytime you want to share your military experiences, I am all ears.


@JohnB I know you mean well and it is people like you whom I cherish. One group in particular that shows their sincerity is quilts of valor.

I don’t really think people need to be thanking us all the time, it is either meaningless or awkward. Take the time to get to know a vet.

Imagine you were in a horrible accident…you have nightmares, daily physical pain, and your doing your best to put your life back together…and everywhere you went people said, “glad you survived!” Just another constant reminder or a meaningless platitude.



Sorry if I missed saying thank you for serving our great country.

Thank you!


@JohnB we actually have a thread for that! :grin:



So, I should NOT be thanking vets for their service?

As far as taking the time to get to know a vet - that is a big part of why I am here in this forum. Anytime I hear someone is a vet, I automatically get more interested in the person - hoping to become friends with him or her.

And, what is the name of the thread for people sharing their military experiences? Is it okay for me to just join in (pretty much just listening to them)?


@JohnB take the time to get to know the person. Keep in mind not every veterans service was the same. One of my coffee buddies is a Lt.Col has the biggest ribbon rack I have ever saw and was a navigator on transport planes from Vietnam to the Persian Gulf.

He never touched a gun a day in his life.

He hates the constant thanks because he flew back the Vietnam POWs and evaced the casualties to state side hospitals and feels uncomfortable being put in the same category as those men.


@JohnB Military Stories About Your Time Serving Your Country



Thank you very much for sharing that thread name with me. I have bookmarked it and will read every post in it.


@JohnB no problem, and I don’t want you to think I am bustin’ yer chops. Just be the person who takes the time to know some of us, realize we are not all the same. I don’t know of any vet who likes the robotic, rote “thank you for your service.”