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Veteran's Discount/10% discount

@ChrisNelson I have a little bit of a gripe. I had a couple of items in my cart. I got an email from MCarbo saying “use this code” for 10% off. It would not work. They sent me another code. Would not work. I already get the Veteran’s discount (10%). It seems if you already get the Veteran’s discount, any additional codes will not work. If they are going to give 10% to everyone, then, in my opinion, it seems to diminish any meaningfulness of the Veteran’s discount. And, if they are going to give the 10% to everyone, why not give an additional 10% to veterans, on top of their Veteran’s discount? That way it would keep the meaningfulness of the Veteran’s discount. Just my opinion…


Discounts not stacking is normal, cant think of a single retailer where where the do.


The point of my post is that I thought the Veteran’s discount was something special, and it really is not when you give everyone the discount. Go on to MCarbo’s facebook page and you will see codes being discussed, passed around. Even the suggestion to just put something in your cart but don’t buy it right away and they will email you a code for 10% off (as in my case). Now I am all for everyone getting a discount, but if you want the Veteran’s discount to be something special, then something could be done to keep it that way, perhaps to just make it a little larger, to keep it separated from the 10% that everyone can get.