Veterans day 2022

Thank You to all our Veterans, for over 200 years of humble, willing, and selfless service.

Let us not forget everything that has been fought for, or those who have taken up the fight to create, uphold, and defend those things…

It is “They” that have shouldered the burden and have seen the debt paid, for all that we have and enjoy every day.


I include 2 versions of this for the photographs in each.


The words of Major Sullivan Ballou to Sara, paints in beautiful prose, a glimpse into the soul and heart of an American Soldier.




Thank you Veterans and all the supporting organizations who did not necessarily wear the uniform but instrumental in our defense.


Thank’s Jeff for the Great Post’s and History of the Era and day.


I want to share two employees of mine today.

E6 SSG Army / Emilio (Sr Ops Mgr for me)
This is a pic of him when he was an uninvited visitor at Sadam’s palace a few summers ago (you may have seen it in the news).

Spec E4 Army Nat Guard / Dylan (Service Tech for me)
Dylan is on the right, sitting in his limo.

Happy Veteran’s Day to all of you and thank you!


Love the ride! Thank you for your service


Maybe a day late but I have a dollar (not short) for any Vet
who is in need. I wanted to compliment our esteemed
moderator who posted all the great photos & vids above
for Veterans Day.

I recently saw a meme that claimed the oath we took way
back when HAS NO EXPIRATION DATE. I was spit at in
Oakland and called a “Baby Killer” by my best friends mom
on return from 'Nam in August '69.

So it was many years before I took part in patriotic events.
Not so much ashamed of my service as disgusted with
the hack job by the media and disdain from the people
I risked my life to protect.

Then in '96 I finally attended an annual meeting of the VHPA
(Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Ass’n.) and agreed to march in
a parade in Brandon, Florida.

I was gratified that the fine people of that city lined the
streets, waving American flags and cheering us on –
an amazing transformation of public support since those
dark days of yore…

By that time, those of my generation that had been treated
so badly vowed to never let that happen again. But in today’s
turbulent environment, the wokesters are once again
starting to disparage military service and patriotism.

This site may be based on commerce, but the underlying
respect for America and her veterans and first-responders
in uncontested and profound.

We truly live in the greatest country ever and enjoy freedoms
that are the envy of all peoples across the globe. Thank all
of you who post here, whether you answered the call or
served in whatever capacity in supporting the American
Dream of Liberty for all…


I spent yesterday honoring those I was deployed with that gave their last. I fought for all the people of this great country. Much like Memorial Day, I choose quiet respect for those who gave more than me. I am from a long line of veterans. Stretching back to the revolution. We were Prussian mercenaries working for the Crown. Emigrated to America to escape the pointless conflicts of Europe. We have been a part of every conflict since arriving. The branch of service didn’t matter as much as the thankful patriotic heart. I really appreciate the love and understanding you show here. You bolster my belief in the real core of the matter we continue to defend, the American people.


Wanted to ship something yesterday and didn’t realize the USPS office was closed until I got to the door… just like five other people that pulled up at the same time.

IMO… The ONLY people that deserve a paid day off work are the folks that risked their lives for our country, our Veterans. Not the soft and entitled worker drones.

Thanking you Veterans… everyday.

BTW, in a related story… @Festus you are going to have to wait an extra day or two for my spent brass casings to arrive there.


I posted this in 2019 (where does the time go?) but I’ll post it again.


For any members that haven’t seen this thread before, and for any of our Brotherhood Veterans that haven’t seen it and would like to add to it.