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Vendor rant question

I know this forum is dedicated to mcarbo, but what’s with other vendors taking so long to ship? You know mcarbo doesn’t sell everything unfortunately…

I have some places I have parts and supplies saying it’s going to take 15-20 business days to ship. Most are less than that busy still around 10 days.

Yet others big and small are able to ship same or next day.

Between that and the shipping companies “unprecedented levels” of packages it takes forever to get things. Anyone else having similar issue?


I am actually taking notes. I prefer to spend with Americans that rise to meet occasions. If I order anything from a vendor that is cry’n about circumstance, trust that I failed to find a better option. Vendors being strangled by their elected representatives should MOVE.

You may remember Henley’s Bloody but Unbowed Head - Bill’d be at the top of my wanna-support list.


Some shipping companies are damn slow, and some vendors aren’t any better.

Waiting for a month for a new case for the 'A3. But hey, it’s made in America. :us:


My ongoing rant are the availability of great American products that can’t cross borders, and visa versa.


I was surprised my bullet molds I order on 1-8 showed up today. Supposed to be a 5 week lead time for them to be made. Totally understandable. I can’t want to try them out. But them I’m waiting on ar parts to ship to be able to try them.


It seems to be hit and miss. I think a lot of these places are running a skeleton crew. And since they can handle this work load with less people they will keep it that way to maximize profitability.

Granted it shouldn’t take 2 months for a in stock item to ship!

Seeing a ton of stores saying 10+ day wait before the order ships, if your that busy hire more people.


Finding that my orders from midway, optics planet, glockstore are all splitting in stock items off to ship earlier than the items on the wait list. My problem now is remembering whats left that i havent recvd yet


I just got another flyer from Midway. I went online to check out some of those products - all are listed as Out Of Stock. Some say Backorder OK, others say not, but Notify Me. I looked up some other items I wanted. All are Out Of Stock. I had put some stuff on Backorder some time back, but then the Backorder items disappeared after a while. Some poking around showed that the status had changed to No Backorder. I mean, it’s MidwayUSA, and they seem to be out of everything. I’m not talking about things that I consider to be highly in demand, such as AR parts. Things like Lyman bullet molds. Again, while send a flyer with everything in it unavailable…


I have had good luck with midway lately 3 orders in the last couple weeks. All shipped next day and the couple back order items shipped a few days later. Guess I got lucky.

Grafs still hasn’t shipped my order from 1-15
And ar15discounts is a week out. Even optics planet shipped in 3 days. That is unbelievable.


Well everything is on extreme demand now (from boolit molds to ar parts) . It is total bs how many resellers are out there (buying normal priced stuff and reselling it 120% or higher). Look at eBay for reloading dies. Some people will have 10+ of the same die sets in the background! Really people! It’s just screwing the people that don’t have a ton of money out of the market.

Midway and natchez have been normal price if they have it in stock. Brownells has started to price gouge, so I try to avoid them at all costs. Heck I’ll buy it from optics planet if they have it in stock.

Ar15discounts is really hit or miss. Avoid vt supply, ar15 safe space horrid companies period.


I had good luck with pk firearms and reloading supply


One note about PK firearms. I’m finally took the parts out of the boxes. Hogue grip and vltor ar15 stock. Both smell of heavy cigarette smoke. Just an fyi.


I’ve searched for their site,I think I found it but they have nothing listed. By any chance do you have their site?



I had never heard of them but they shipped quickly.

Still waiting on grafs to ship my order from 1-15.

I’m going to contact them tomorrow about the smell and see what they say.


Texas Outfitters on GunBroker. You can bid with them, but not check out through GB. You have to call them - which I did. Left a detailed message, but didn’t hear back from them. I figure they got a better offer and sold it through their store. Then they filed against me for non-payment, non-contact. I answered the email from GB - didn’t hear back from them or Texas Outfitters. So, I called TO again, and got a human. They insist they check all messages. She said they would never sell to someone else, BUT they filed non-payment with GB in order to get their fees back. OK - so they could sell to someone else, then file non-payment to get their fees back from GB, right? She said their feedback proves they would never do this, but how is that a thing? Plus, she says they sell 300 guns a week (are there even that many out there?) but their feed-back is only around 1000 buyers. The math isn’t right. Anyway, she hung up on me. So, I called back their other number (800 instead of toll), and got another VM. This one is for a bunch of companies, not just Texas Outfitters. Left a message, never heard back. Meantime, I sent more emails to GB, only got PC generated emails back. I did get the phone bill today showing that I called these people when I said I did. Meantime, I hope to get the negative feedback off my account.


@ColoradoRick That’s a hard spot to be in. That truly sucks you got dinged on GB, and the company didn’t own up to it. I have experienced the same thing about companies not “receiving” my calls or emails. Usually a screen shot of the sent emails or phone logs clears up their memories.

But during these times I have found many “iffy” looking web stores and just can’t follow through with the order due to sketchyness. I just hope you can get the GB stuff cleared up and get your strike taken away.

On another note, I’m really getting tired of places that have things “in stock” sell it give me a tracking # then email me saying it’s out of stock with no backorder. Boggles my mind how they can sell stuff they don’t have and just say whoopsie. There should be some type of punishment for vendors who do that. It’s 2021, get with the program with a awesome live inventory system for crying in the :beer:.


Blame the un and the itars treaty, but you guys get some cool stuff up there occasionally that we don’t, like those 7.62x39 jungle carbine reproductions that were made by that Australian company like a decade ago, they got exported to Canada but not the US


Finally received my order from grafs on 1-15. At least it was all correct. Didn’t get an email that it shipped, just showed up.


I’ve ordered from several places and had pretty good luck. Midway does seem to be out of everything.
What I don’t like is some places are busy or simply don’t believe in communication. After about 5 days and no email or tracking number, I tend to get nervous. Even when I ship something I provide a tracking number. So right now and in times like these, I tend to order small items and see how that goes first.
My motto has always been to order a burger at an unknown steak house. Because if they can’t grill a burger, I’m not going to ask them to grill me a steak.


Rcbs just delivered a die set, then after it was delivered they sent me a shipping notification lol. At least it only took a week and a half to go 400 miles lol.