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Vendor issues?/Scams?

Hey, all, I realize this is the “Introduce Yourself” thread, but I need guidance: I ordered a revolver from an on-line vendor who appears to be a scammer. Was supposed to get shipping details two days after purchase. While it’s only been about ten days, vendor is not responding to emails. (No phone listed/found.) When I try to return to their site, my laptop antivirus warns it’s a scam site. (I ordered it from my tablet.) Am working with my bank, but was hoping I could mention the specific vendor to see if anyone has history and/or warn others. Thanks. D.O.L. Merry Christmas!


Please share. And my condolences for your dilemna. I hope your FFL calls to schedule pickup.


Thanks, Dred. The vendor is Delta Munitions. I’ve seen posts on other forums where they are Delta Weapons. In those posts, dissatisfied buyers HAVE received follow-up emails – asking the buyer for $3/4/500 more to track the (alleged) shipment. Some opine the fraudsters are in India, others say China or the Middle East. I’m about to start dropping insults in multiple languages through their message center, to see if I can spark a reaction from them.

In any way, stay away from this purported supplier – I can’t find anyone who has had a good experience with them.




That’s interesting. Here is the site I found for Delta Munitions. Is it the same as the one you remember?

Odd, it doesn’t say anywhere on their site where they are or have a phone #. Email contact only.


@Nomad733 Just found this and see your post on it. I thought I would post it here for everyone.


Another one to avoid is Cheaper Than Dirt. Although they are a legitimate retailer the Texas Attorney General is going after them for price gouging. Pretty big fines are being sought as well as restitution to some customers. You got to love a state that considers ammunition and firearms a necessity and protects its citizens from price gouging.

A link to the article.


Sites that have no physical address and/or no phone number listed are red flags IMHO. I know that doesn’t help the OP. Any online purchases should be done with a credit card. Then you have a recourse if crap like this happens.


That’s a good copy, jeffing!


Yeah, I’m Nomad733 there, too. Trying to get the word out. If folks know of other sites similar to this and are comfortable with outing Delta Munitions/Weapons, go for it.


I’m originally from Pennsylvania (wife from North Carolina, so here we are). I’ve not wanted to go any further South - don’t like hot weather – but I may take the fam to Texas, and cheer for re-establishing the Republic.


Yeah, I admit I got sucked in by the price and (alleged) availability. Working with my bank and have started sending refund demands. Stay tuned, mates!


I have no doubt Delta Munitions is disreputable. Companys/Scammers like that should be ratted out for what they are, and put out of business quickly as possible.

That being said, I want everyone to please keep in mind, this is a thread for that use and not a place for “personal gripes” or “unfounded/false claims” against a company or service.


You really do! :+1:

The Texas AG’s office has identified ammunition as a necessity and, as a result, is arguing that those price hikes were against the Texas Business and Commerce Code.


Excellent point, and why I wanted to caveat my post with “(if you) are comfortable.” You folks don’t know me from Adam, so I understand if no one weighs in against Delta. Feel free to reach out via email if you want to chat about this – I do not want to pursue a public vendetta, beyond posting a cautionary note.


Not an issue. :smile: I didn’t think that at all, and your post was appropriate. :ok_hand:

It wasn’t a comment on your post. More of a general thread guideline, for the future.


Totally understand. I want to color within the lines of the community, so keep providing guidance. I’m enjoying this community - have already recommended it to others!



A long time, loyal CTD customer here:
It’s about time. I was going to purchase some ammo from them last March, well before the rush and they wanted a buck a round for generic 45 ACP. All their other ammo was skyhigh as well. I wrote a letter asking if the prices were a mistake sine they were SIGNIFICANTLY higher than other places. They replied with a simple “We are charging what the market will bear”.

I wrote back a simple “CY later” and haven’t bought anything from them since, nor will I in the future until I find their prices SIGNIFACANTLY lower than elsewhere.

Send gougers like that a message by buying at lower prices elsewhere and then write them to let them know what you did…



Just for reading :

I have been searching a couple times a week a long time for a Beretta M9A3 FDE (sand color) and a site called Beretta pops up frequently. It’s a good looking organized site but researching it was revealing and very suspicious.

It had all the Beretta’s , good prices and just to dang good to be real. Including my hunted one M9A3 for msrp less than a K.

So if any one is hunting a Beretta be careful it looks good but after looking at all the fluff you won’t find a contact number or address???


No legitimate contact info is a great clue right there! What’s that old saw? “If it sounds too good to be true it probably is”.

I would think going through GunBroker and sites like that would be some of the best insurance against getting taken. I’m going to look around here and see if there is a thread directly related to buying online in general, and whom is reliable and trustworthy specifically. Anyone know if that topic has already been started here?



@gmartin2000 hey grant I’ve had great look with https://www.sgammo.com/