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Vendor issues?/Scams?uding

An add just showed up online for Owl Shit Gun Grease. Price is a about $14 a small jar including shipping. Has anyone heard of this product? If you were to believe everything they say it does, it sounds pretty good and would be just what the S2K bolt needs. Don’t know about where you live but In Kentucky Owl Shit is pretty slippery.


Just paid $105.99 for an eBay Sig Romeo 5 Red Dot and never received it. The Scum Bag seller has also screwed 6 other eBayers by not sending paid for items. I’ll receive my money back from Pay Pal effective June 3. I’ve been an eBay Member for right at 21 years and this is only the second time I’ve had a problem. Learned my eBay lesson. From noon its Amazon or nothing.


Definitely sucks.

Evaluating seller reputation is critical. It’s also important at Amazon.

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When I bid on the red dot, I did check the Sellers Feedback which was fine. Since then it looks as the Seller picked up his tent and hauled ass. The shafting of 6 others and myself all came after I bid on the red dot. The Seller also has no further items listed for auction and has failed to communicate with Pay Pal. I will get paid by Pay Pal its just going to take a week longer.