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Upgrading Your Other Firearms With M*CARBO Parts


Had a dream like that once…


Amazing service! I just ordered my replacement trigger spring a couple fo days ago and installed it today. This Mosserg 500 is an older 2003 Mariner that I hung a 28" barrel on for trap and other flying things. Trigger pull dropped form 6.25 to 4.5 measured with my RCBS gauge. I’m a happy camper so far.


@hunter1916 you will like it. Just installed mine last Friday.in 597 HB,LS 22WMR. Free travel reduced to an acceptable amount. Pull 3lbs 4ozs. It’s time to take it out to the range it’s been sitting in the box since new since 2014

Update. After going to the range and having 2 different types of rounds ftf with the upgrade it was time for R&D. Turned out to be the hammer spring. Tech support evaluated and promptly returned the kit with a different spring. After a minor amount of additional polishing the trigger pull is now just under 2lbs. Testing with spent rounds shows strikes sufficient to get er done.


Just finished installing a MCarbo trigger job in my Savage Axis 223. Thanks Chris for the video and the parts. Now if I just had time to shoot it.


i installed spring kits on both my mossberg shotguns,my KSG and my sp101. LOVE THEM ALL


I have just about finished accumulating new build parts for a 10/22 Ruger Custom. Today, I purchased a MCARBO Ruger 10/22 trigger spring kit for my BX trigger group. It is pulling a clean break at 2.75 pounds. I am taking ‘gentleman bets’ that after my polish stoning and trigger spring exchange it should break at a clean 1.5 pounds. I will be the only one using it and I won’t feel safe with any less! I know that I will have to keep both sear and trigger angles ‘positive…’ The addition of the MCARBO spring will put a lot of tension on the hammer and sear, for sure! I am totally up for the challenge…


Went to the range yesterday with my sp101. A world of difference from before. lighter trigger pull and so smooooth



I have to say that Chris went beyond the call of duty before he left for the Shot Show. I was looking for a trigger upgrade for my 10/22 Custom that I have been ‘parting together’ since Christmas. I had just purchased a Ruger BX trigger (boasting 2.5-3 LB pulls…) Mine came at a ‘respectable’ 2 3/4 lbs!

Anyway, the store had no inventory on the trigger part. I emailed Chris. Not only did he track the part down but I had it within 2 days. He had also sent me out a ‘follow up’ email detailing installations instructions! THANKS AGAIN. Now, me and sears springs don’t get along… I had to tinker with the trigger and the spring launched. I ordered a 3 pack from TandemKross and had to wait another five days for shipment!

Well, the springs ‘finally’ arrived and I was anxious to put my trigger assembly together. So excited, that I had forgotten to polish the assembly! I was ready to disassemble it but decided to check the pull, so on went the trigger guard. I made three pulls and they all read 1 lb 6 oz! That was good enough for me… I am waiting for my 16.5’’ Kidd barrel and attaching screws. Don’t worry (brothers,) my pictures will follow upon completion!


Well, just a ‘follow up’ on that Kidd Barrel. I guess Kidd was too pre-occupied with the Shot Show/didn’t have the resources to ‘man’ their customer service department… I had questioned the ETA of my barrel after they had ‘sat’ with my funds in hand for over a week! They decided to refund me without an explanation… I decided to go with a Magnum Research 18" carbon barrel. I should have it within the next day or two!