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Upgrades or add

Since I’m new to the Sub 2000 and forum, I want to get some ideas of what should I upgrade first or add.


Welcome to the club Ray @Wanky34 !
Start here, then browse the sub2000 category for ideas.

Assuming you’re starting from stock, theres a pretty long list of possibilities to digest.


Absolutely mandatory in my opinion are the stainless steel feed ramp and hammer bushing. The factory ones are polymer and wear out quickly. Seriously, if you’re going to open it up, installing one of the all-in-one bundles makes a lot of sense - you don’t really want to open it twice. And polish the heck out of anything that moves or rubs on something else. There are LOTS of videos here:


Thanks for the info and links.

I’ve had these Sub9mm since the beginning, I have four of the rifles. If it was me and you wanted the rifle for home and self defense get the Optic mount first and then work your way down the list of great accessories. I would ask if you are not familiar working on weapons like installing the KEL-TEC SUB-2000 All In One Pro Performance Trigger Job Bundle I would ship the rifle to MCarbo and have them do the install… This RIFLE is worth it!!!
I have two rifles outfitted with Glock mags and the other two in M&P mags, it’s the only two pistols I run and are compatible with the Sub9mm. I’ve only had one issue with this rifle and that was on one of the Gen1 and Gen2 front sight post, minor and fixable. I’ve never had misfire, jam or any other issue! It’s my go to weapon for home defense. Good luck - Have Fun!