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Universal Tripod Mount For SUB2000

necessity is the mother of invention, and someone on here had talked about tripods, I cant find the thread , but thanks go out to whoever you are… I needed something to help me shoot in my current state, Kinda stiff, mobile but slow, and currently kneeling or prone is out.
highest extension 54"
spread at widest setting 73" between points
spread at narrowest setting 44" between points
Lowest extension 18"
spread at narrowest setting 17" between points
spread at widest setting 25" between points
middle extension 38"
spread at widest setting 47" between points
spread at narrowest setting 22" between points
I stopped when the tension nut was flush with the bottom of the screw stop if i take it on (out to flush, you can add 4" in width and subtract 4" in height give or take )
Ive shot 556 and 9mm off it so far, 5 magazines each. you can stand and use it and im 6’ flatfooted. Just adjust your spread to suit. tension side will hold both weight rifles
in locked position, SUB 2000 and AR15 . so far anyway.LEGS can be set for uneven position as well and keep mount level…
I plan on doing a slight modification to the swivel at the clamp mount, depends on how it holds up to 7.62 this weekend. I added a china made mount, bolted upside down to clamp the low rail with rifle above it… simple. drill and tap 1 hole. 10$ total in the project.
I might even move the stud size up to 5/16" (NF) right now its 1/4" (NF)
It started out as a camera tripod, 1939 /1940 vintage, all stainless steel and alloy
Paid a whopping 5$ for it at a yard sale. bought a second one at the same yardsale, 5$ thats a 50s vintage for a telescope. has a counterweight,.,… goes the same height locking bars at the shortest extension.

some Liberal somewhere will be tearing their hair out and trying to make a new law about how things cannot be modified to fit a weapon Last pic is where this thing was made .
pics of low and second position…

and if you have a red lion fore end, and wanna go gangsta you can do that as well…
now, if it holds up, I gotta turn it OD green and make a pouch for it… stay tuned!


Another option is this High-Low Shooting Table from MTM. Three adjustable legs and a table to lean on.



@GOBLIN Love It, Now I can get rid of all the (P.O.S)Tripods in the Garage.:sunglasses: