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Unity In The USA

We all know what day it is. We all know what happened 19 years ago today. I can’t help but to remember how united we were as a county during that time. I can’t help but to think how we’ve lost our way since then. Such a shame.


Funny you say that. I was thinking about it as well.

Before that day, the country was well on its way to the division we see today. You could feel it, hear it, see it. My best friend at the time who is a very left leaning guy had already started with a lot of the rhetoric you see today. All of a sudden, you see this national unity post 9/11 and the following 4th of July was very “unifying”. But, even then I felt that it was unity under duress, not true patriotism. The attitude at the time was more of, “Are we gonna let them F¥{< with me?” There was more of a feeling of personal affront than a feeling of THEY attacked US.

I even mentioned to my friend over a few beers as he talked about patriotism, that I thought it was a “false” patriotism and expressed what I thought was happening.

All you have to do is see how Bush was attacked shortly after for not running around with his hair on fire when told in the classroom (he didn’t take seriously according to the left8 and how ugly the following election got and how 9/11 was politicized to try to divide and gain votes/power.

19 years later, with COVID as an excuse, 9/11 is still being politicized and the division is as bad as at any point in our YOUNG nations history. We are losing our REPUBLIC and true patriots must rise and be ready to defend her, or we will lose it forever. Step one is to take our guns. They WILL NOT take mine voluntarily.

Patriots arise!




I don’t think true Americans have lost our way, I think the traitors among us with help from foreign criminals are disrupting everything they can in order to create a path to wrest our country away from us. They’re using tried and true methods.


In so doing, Goering used his power to consolidate various enforcers, like the brown shirts into an organized “secret” state police known as the Gestapo. He appointed Heinrich Mueller to run this branch of Hitler’s regime. Mueller was also the primary “designer” of the Holocaust. The SS originally started as Hitler’s personal body guards and evolved into the elite fighting force of Hitler’s military.

Interestingly, and appropriate to today’s political discussion is that the term Nazi or Natziism is derived from the two words, National Socialism. So what the left, as usual, is accusing the right of, they actually are themselves. The modern “Natzi” whackos, or white extremist in the US have little real political affiliation and are more of a driving force based in racism and a desire to identify an “enemy” to rally others against, just as Hitler did to the Jews in uniting Germany. White supremisists are more identifiable as fascists in the broad sense and not so active or interested in mainstream political thought. Fascism historically has been applied to both far left and far right entities with a common theme of racial identity and violence.

ANTIFA, therefore should be self-hating and is contradictory in itself. ANTIFA as a group clearly is using identity politics, mostly based on race and violence to implement their message and recruit more susceptible people to “a cause”. So they should be anti-themselves. The reality is that they are currently acting for the left like Hitler’s Brown Shirts did prior to his takeover of Germany, (who again became a large part of the Gestapo) and implemented his Nationalized Socialism “Natziism”. I prefer to refer to ANTIFA as Anti-First Amendment as they are trying to silence dissenting voices through violence.

Karl Marx was a proponent of “Democratic Socialism”. Where have you heard that term used recently? We all know where that leads to (see China, et. al.). One of the most important first steps is to disarm the populace.

Well, I woke up to do what us old guys do in the middle of the night and couldn’t go back to sleep. So, this what you ended up with.

Our Republic is at great risk, just as Benjamin Franklin feared and warned. The concept of self-governance and personal liberty are alien to the human psyche. Through most of human history we have lived under various authoritarian systems, mostly absolute monarchies. We either dominate or are dominated. True equality under the law flys in the face of what to many innately want, POWER over others. It is the most addictive of all things. How many times have you been told “no” by some low level moron getting off on their power over you when they are too stupid to understand that “yes” is so much more empowering? They feel the power over you in the moment, not able to see they had the power to create something bigger.

Look at what’s happening and listen to the words and watch the actions of those saying them and decide for yourself, who is seeking power and who is seeking freedom.



As much as people think this could be true it isn’t. This is why stuff needs to be fact checked before posting. Hitler did not defund the police. He actually made them more powerful to promote his agenda.


I meant to address that part of the post (it was the middle of the night). The Brown Shirts were doing their mayhem to further destabilize the country DESPITE the German police. Hitler had not gained power at that time and was not in a position to defund anything. The destabilization effort was part of the strategy to win the election in an already collapsing German society. The government in collapse had in essence defunded everything. Inflation was literally “run away” and jobs were scarce. Hitler promised safety and order because he knew he could deliver it without ever denouncing the Brown Shirts for their actions. Sound familiar? Once in power, you either conformed to the position of the government or something “bad” was going to happen to you by the hand of the government. Sound familiar?

My biggest concern is that the radical elements of the far left that are crating the same type of mayhem is that if Trump wins, they will decry the election as corrupt and continue if not escalate their violence. If Biden wins, I think the left has a problem they can’t really control and feeling emboldened will, continue if not escalate the violence.

Two factors as I see it run in our favor.

  1. Geographically, Germany is about the size of Montana. It is easier for a “nationwide movement” to coordinate actions and influence the population in a smaller geographic area.

  2. ANTIFA and BLM have jumped the “Gun”. They don’t have the control they need to disarm the population. An armed population is an uncontrollable population. The people armed is what keeps the government functioning FOR the people, not the other way around. This was the founders intent by making the SECOND amendment the second one cited and it underlines the importance of the people having the means to fight against a tyrannical government. If Trump wins, he will have to forcefully put down this insurrection and restore order. Otherwise, if allowed to spread, a true civil war may be the result where the government won’t be able to control either side and blood will be spilled.

My money is on on the side that has the most guns AND ammo.



We can debate the semantics of the situation but the point is that Hitler did not do what is underlined in that picture and perpetrating falsehoods to promote and agenda is just wrong. What these leftist/communist groups are trying to do will not end well no matter who gets elected but I’m not going to play their game of twisted half truths and innuendo. I’m done.


Mea culpa, I didn’t fact check that. I apologize.


Politics guys. That’s a no no.

I just work here.

It’s similar to Mao’s rise to power, silence opposition, publicly sham them, then finally attack/maim them until submission or death. Either way what’s happening must be stopped before it gets to big to handle. Take care for you and yours. 1984 wasn’t a user’s manual.

Guys, I’ve put in a request to the mods to close this post. I agree with a lot that has been said here, but political discussion on this sight is not allowed.

Agreed. I was not being “political” in my responses. Rather, comparing current events to the lessons of history and how similar they are. Sometimes doing this is an inconvenient truth for the perpetrators, but if the shoe fits, it is on them to personalize the topic rather than analyze it.

I realize I’m new to these boards and don’t mean to offend anyone. I don’t think I have politicized these events, just pointed out similarities from past and present and I know I have not insulted a fellow member in any way. I have participated in other boards that do get highly political and partisan (and personal unfortunately) and I don’t see that here. I will admit I am very libertarian in my approach to politics, and in this case nobody forces another to open a thread and continue to read it if they don’t like the message or discussion of that thread, It is easy to stay away while others exercise their first amendment rights. I have never understood the need to self-expose yourself to things that are objectionable. In other words, like TV… if you don’t like what you’re watching, change the channel. This is a non-gun discussion in a non-gun part of the forum.

‘Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.’ ~
George Santayana

Peace :peace_symbol:



Whatever y’all decide is fine with me, but, how has this become political? No one has taken a political side, it is an analysis of then compared to now. I don’t see anyone being called out or insulted. If there are people that see this topic as “too close to home”, maybe the history will help them re-evaluate their position. It is a topic that deals directly with guns and the need for the second amendment, both of which MCARBO is all about. If discussing the Constitution and components of it that relate to gun ownership is prohibited here, then what the hell are we doing? Why does Chris talk about the 2A in his videos? We are here, buying the goodies and talking about guns BECAUSE of the 2A, without it…

I will admit that both ANTIFA and BLM are “political” entities. Both both are openly against the constitution and our flag and a historical comparison and how it relates to the importance of gun ownership seems incredibly pertinent to a gun forum. But hey, just MHO.




Believe me when I say I’m 100% in agreement with you. But posts are usually closed for less. Just sayin.

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Like I said. I’m new here and need to learn the “boundaries”. But, also, because of the genesis of this forum, I would think this type of topic is appropriate. It’s not like we are endorsing a candidate or affiliation (other than to the Constitution). It’s not like we’re talking reproductive rights or health care, it’s about guns and history. People are just as free to open and read it as they are to skip it.


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Many of us come here to escape the headlines , antifa, BLM, Trump, etc. firm line in the sand when it comes to that stuff. Talk about it on another forum.