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Unexpected Play Date Wth The Wife

Wow, this was totally new and unexpected! I had just had experienced an UNEXPECTED PLAYDATE WITH MY WIFE… Or as the song rings, A total eclipse of the heart! Yesterday had just seemed like any other "honeydew weekend.’ My wife had been badgering me for quite some time about fixing her brakes since I had replaced her blown caliper. last month! She ended up buying three calipers on sale last week, however, the weather and lack of medication have allowed me to complete my adventure, up until yesterday! Well, what a gorgeous fall day we had yesterday! It was a cool, 65 degree day and clear skies (one for the ‘range’ as one would have suggested!) So, instead of ‘feeding my firearms,’ I was out HUMPING IT on our 2009 Toyota Sienna replacing the right front caliper! I ran into ‘jack’ difficulties and required an extra set of eyes ‘spotting’ any problems with a faulty jack in order to remain safe. My wife got out of the shower and came to the rescue… Well, I ended up starting to struggle with the brake line because the copper fittings were giving me trouble by falling off. After 10 minutes, I had found myself maintaining my attention due to my lack of sleep the evening before. I had found my wife pestering me to keep awake. Finally, she convinced me to go back to the house and rest while she put all the parts in the van to ‘lock-up’ for the evening. So now, I have an inoperative vehicle with a bunch of parts sitting in the back of the van, on jack stands…I pray that I can find my copper washers to finish my brakes ‘on the first dry day!’ I am STILL trying to fathom my thoughts on my wife’s ‘attempt’ to help me complete this brake work while I had remained INCOHERENTdue to my lack of sleep and low blood sugar episode! :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:


@ValorSolo You could make a fortune if you figure that out!


Your Bride seems like a keeper.
She did all she could to help.

Brakes and crap are no big deal.
A good Bride is priceless.


Definitely hang on to her!

My sweetheart asked me if I could change the starter in her Honda Element. Little did I know she would be right there with me…and having smaller hands helped a few times when my knuckles got in the way!

While we were at it we changed the Serpentine belt as well.