Unable to remove firing spring retaining pin on LCP Max

Just unboxed the MCARBO LCP Max trigger upgrade and firing spring kit. As I follow along the video, when the time arrives to remove the firing spring retaining pin, it won’t budge. I am on hour three of attempting every punch combination and lubricant available, but the retaining pin will not budge. For those of you that have had this problem, how were you able to solve it? Alternatively, is this a problem that only the manufacturer can solve?


Are you punching it out from the correct side? It comes out only in one direction.
I would use the special plastic block to relieve some of the tension of that spring… They show it only for installation.

Video @8:45 here: Ruger LCP Max Trigger Spring Kit (mcarbo.com)

Thanks for the reply, I followed the video and tried to use the block like you suggested, but still had no luck. I’ll reach out to Ruger CS and it’s out of my hands from that point.

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I had no problem getting mine to move. You will have to give it a pretty good hit through. Didn’t have to punch it all the way out just enough to get it to release the firing pin.

Thanks for the reply, I borrowed some different sized punches from a buddy and was able to get it to budge after what felt like an entire afternoon. Again, thanks for the reply.