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Ultrasonic Cleaners

Does anyone here use an ultrasonic cleaner for their firearms, and if so, pros and cons?
We purchased 3 recently to use on our gun collections, we are using one with a cleaner set to 60°f and runs for 5 mins. I then have a second one with just water set to 60° and runs 5 mins (im thinking of increasing the heat on both to 90° and extending the cleaner to 10 mins and reducing the water bath to 3). The last tub is a lubricant/oil that runs at room temp for 5 minutes.

I ran 10 glocks, 2 sig’s, a Browning 30 cal M1914a4 and my Keltek Sub 2k through the cleaners today. After the warm water bath I used an air compressor to blow them dry before the oil bath. After the oil bath I wiped them down and applied CLP with a clean rag. I’m a meticulous cleaner when it comes to my firearms and I have to say, the only time I’ve seen them this clean is when they were new out of the box. Just a little lube on the slides and they were smooth as can be. The Browning had many years of uglyness built up in the housing and now it’s all purdy again.

If anyone else uses an ultrasonic cleaner let me know your secrets.


You pretty well nailed it. The biggest thing is making sure you get and detergents/cleaners completely off which you have more than adequately covered for at your end of process steps.

Biggest down side is avoiding anything still “assembled”. If you need to clean with assembled parts at all, make sure you stop part way through to check tolerances or for any walk of any part.

Good process you got Beezer👍🏻


Just ordered two 34” ultrasonic tubs so that I can put full uppers in to clean, minus optics and bcg.


Oh sure! Be a tease now, lol. No, seriously though, nice buy. Really good way to make some $$$ too.

Watch the jewelry. It will shake stones loose and screw up the movement of some watches.


Only other thing I can add after visualizing your process and setup in my head, would be a good moisture separator on the air.

Yo can do the bcg, just gotta completely strip it naked.


I traded 4 glocks to the HVAC guy for a moisture system and AC unit for the basement gun palace. Ive got a few dehumidifiers running but the new system will keep the humidity and moisture so low I could cure beef lol. Just waiting for the new tanks to arrive and in the meantime I’m remodeling the palace by adding a wash basin next to the tanks so that I can easily drain and refill them.