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Ultra sonic cleaners

Anyone on here use a ultra sonic cleaner? I just ordered one up. I saw the one that Iraqveteran8888 uses and felt that I owed it to myself to get one. I also ordered up Simple green solution. Any tips or suggestions are very much appreciated


I use one I got from Harbor Freight and put my gun parts into a large glass jar full of “Ed’s Red” gun cleaning fluid. The jar goes in the cleaner then I fill the tank up with water to the max line and let it rip. I run it for 3-4 cycles and then pull the parts out the jar and wipe em down with a rag. Any touch up is done with standard cleaning equipment.


I have one i use at the shop, older unit i picked up at auction, run drycleaning solvent and a triple filtration system on the cycle pump. (make sure your pump is rated for that) one of the secrets to a ultrasonic cleaner is filtration. you have to keep the medium clean for it to remove gunge. I do a ton of old carbs, magneto housings and the like. the other thing is time. give it time. dont rush it and parts will come out spotless…


I just got a 10L stainless with heater on eBay and tried it for the first time tonight. Well worth the money and time, though I certainly won’t use it every cleaning. Here are before and after on a Ruger Mk IV bolt.


Simple Green attacks aluminum (if that’s relevant) and is not needed for good ultrasonic cleaning.

Always suspend larger parts in the basket rather than let touch the bottom of the ultrasonic cleaner, else your transducers will burn out early.

Another tip is you can put parts and cleaning solution or solvent (obviously if a solvent, one the plastic can handle) and have it float in the tank and the ultrasonic waves get through fine. Advantage is you are not getting dirty such a large amount of cleaning solution or solvent at one time.

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You can buy Simple Green Aviation grade which does not attack aluminum. It works very well


Good info to have, thank you!


When I started reloading I bought a Hornady Sonic cleaner, the smaller one and it works great.


Dawn dish washing liquid also works very well.