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Ultra sonic cleaners

Anyone on here use a ultra sonic cleaner? I just ordered one up. I saw the one that Iraqveteran8888 uses and felt that I owed it to myself to get one. I also ordered up Simple green solution. Any tips or suggestions are very much appreciated


I use one I got from Harbor Freight and put my gun parts into a large glass jar full of “Ed’s Red” gun cleaning fluid. The jar goes in the cleaner then I fill the tank up with water to the max line and let it rip. I run it for 3-4 cycles and then pull the parts out the jar and wipe em down with a rag. Any touch up is done with standard cleaning equipment.


I have one i use at the shop, older unit i picked up at auction, run drycleaning solvent and a triple filtration system on the cycle pump. (make sure your pump is rated for that) one of the secrets to a ultrasonic cleaner is filtration. you have to keep the medium clean for it to remove gunge. I do a ton of old carbs, magneto housings and the like. the other thing is time. give it time. dont rush it and parts will come out spotless…