Ukrainians Fighting Hard

And here I thought Captain America was a fictional hero.





I’m waiting for Russia to release video clips from that movie to “prove” their case.



I’m waiting for a source of this ‘claim’. Never met it in any Russian sources.

Not to mention that never Russia claimed that it’s loosing. Ukrainians claim it since 2014 though.

But as a joke - sure, it’s funny.


The Russians never claim it was them who bombed civilians and civilian infrastructure either. But I’m pretty sure we ALL know that this is also a joke. Unless, of course, you are part of the indoctrinated. Pretty sure also that WHATEVER Russia claims at this point is false and irrelevant.

You are funny.

So this ‘The Russians never claim… either’ - does it mean that The Evil Russians are actually losing the war because of mutant troops?

How do we read the lie you brought, can you please decipher it?

Because Russia never said that it’s losing the war - so the headline is an obvious lie.

we ALL know that there is 39+ genders, Unless, of course, you are a racist, a sexist, and a homophobe.

It’s funny how often a lie starts with ‘we all know’. In essence, if you see or hear ‘we all know’ - be prepared for a lie. As a very minimum the phrase ‘we all know’ itself is almost always a lie.


I’m sorry. I did not know that the Russians were not bombing civilian population centers. Even though almost every human rights organization say that they are. But the Russians say they aren’t so that must be the truth.

And make no mistake, nobody thinks the Russians are losing here. When you have a 100 million more people than the other side, and you don’t care about human life, yours or theirs, It’s kind of hard to screw that up. No matter how hard the Russian military is trying to.


Sorry, not interested in arguing with you.

Just curious - are going to admit that ‘mutant blah-blah’ was lie or not.


What am I admitting here? I did not write the article. I just posted it. Read it and decide for yourself. It’s not really any of my business if you want to believe it or not. That is up to you.

This we can agree on. The last thing I want to do when I wake up in the morning is get into an argument with an individual indoctrinated by a terrorist state. That aligns itself with other terrorist States. I have better things to do with my time. But you keep stepping up to me, not the other way around. With that I will bid you farewell, and hope you have a nice life.

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Ignore is your friend.

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It doesn’t seem to be working on my system atm.

Somebody like slow torture…:face_with_monocle:

What else can you say here when these guys say they aren’t terrorists? If Biden had any balls he would declare Russia a State Sponsor of Terrorism and be done with it.


That’s three days old though. Latvia was completely cut off from Russian flows.


US Senate gives its approval…