Ukrainians Fighting Hard

Get hotter if they do lol

Am I missing something with these idiotic Russians? Win or lose, they’re having one hell of a time in Ukraine. And now they want to talk $hit about invading Poland?

We can only hope they are that stupid. Dumb a$$es act like they know how to fight.

LOL we may have a smaller force here in the UK we would kick seven shades out of them, the so called mighty Russian Military they have shown the world how garbage they are conventionaly.


Russia has no idea what we have orbiting over the Kremlin.

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Ukrainians are selling weapons received from the US on the dark web.

Ok. A beat down launch tube. No control pack and I’ll bet you a buck that there’s no missile in it. Most likely a scam anyways…
Here’s an M72 LAW tube for sale for $300

Comes with inserts for making a functional 37mm launcher too.

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Russia already won. NATO is rearming Russia when they take ALL weapons that are brought in.

Watch China now…and do nothing…:popcorn::peanuts:

Regardless of what the Russians do in Europe, the Biden administration won’t send troops. Biden already retracted comments about intervening in possible attacks on Taiwan by CCP. Is it because Biden isn’t really commander in chief?

“sitting president of nothing”… Putin doesn’t recognize Biden’s Presidency

From a call transcript of Putin and Biden, Feb 2022

Biden: Listen – (inaudible) I’d like to speak with you regarding our countries respective positions on Ukraine. Now, I know you’ve–

Putin: Pardon me, but I have nothing to disclose.

Biden: Well– now, wait a minute. There are lives at stake here, and, ah, well, it’s in everyone’s interest – to say that we–

Putin: Sir, with respect – you are not the one to make decisions.

Biden: That’s – now look here: I am the sitting President of the United States of America and I am most certainly in the position of influence of our military and intelligence department. What we have to do, ah, now that escalations have–

Putin: Sir, not to disappoint, but you are sitting President of nothing, and in no position to influence our world or its doings.

Biden: Now, that’s not (inaudible) – regarding influence, ah, we think it has to stop here. Now, ah, if all of us could just–

Putin: There is none (sic), so that, better way to say – than to stand down immediately. Our conversation now concludes.

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OK, it’s not happening, selling US weapons on the internet.

Are you paid to attack every anti-Ukraine posting? It’s like you’re poised and ready to defend any opposition to supporting the insanely corrupt US CIA installed Ukrainian puppet government.

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Coming from a Russian that is rich beyond words.

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No. And I’ve also defamed Ukraine as well if you’ve read all my post (which you obviously haven’t). What you are seeing is a spent tube. Look at the condition of that thing: beat to hell, the cases it’s on are not for it, the control module connection port is open in one pic and off in another meaning it’s been fired and furthermore, how in hell are you going to get that shipped ANYWHERE out of Europe right now without Interpol or some CBP jumping on?

Also, do you honestly trust buying anything from Ukraine right now? Dark web? Really?? As I said earlier, most likely a scam. To go further, how do you know it’s not some Chechen, Syrian, or one of the Russian backed forces selling it? Your the one who is pointing fingers here…I just detailed the unit not the seller…you did.

And as for the CIA, that’s a joke that deserves it own thread…most people who actually understand their involvement in stuff, knows full well that they are basically just a government branch of/for organized crime. It’s in their history and they don’t even really have to answer for their doings.

As I’ve also shown, spent tubes are commonplace and legal to sell once vetted/demilitarized. Check this out:

The party is about over…or just beginning…
Had to get rid of some old ammo and equipment first…:face_with_monocle::boom::boom::boom::boom:

Good quote here from a Jewish writer.

These Azov fighters, despite a tiny minority in their ranks that actually have swastika tattoos, were fighting for the independence of their country against a foe that proclaims it hates Nazis but is in fact a modern Nazi regime

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It would be real, real easy to post pictures of Russian masacres through the years right now. Being a nazi has more to do with than images of swastikas.


“Russians Rouble Fighting Hard” up 35%…:scream: :face_with_monocle::boom::boom::boom:

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Part of the reason the rouble is much is the oligarchs buying up Russian gold. Easier to move around and avoid sanctions and dumps roubles into the Russian central bank.

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Gold is solid. Russia has enough to export.

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