Ukrainians Fighting Hard

I’ve watched all my life as The United States of America went to bat for countless allies. Allies that folded like a house of cards once we left. Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan. Any of these all ring a bell? In Ukraine now, they said they would fight, and they are fighting hard it seems. Yes, they are losing, and probably will lose. But they are giving it back. Why aren’t these the people we willing to ally ourselves with? These people are standing up for their freedom, for their democracy, for their country. And they will lose.

And The United States of America, after giving a security guarantee 30 years ago, is no where to be found.

And, frankly, it’s embarrassing.


Ukraine could have used the $400 million for military aid in 2019…not a bribe…:face_with_monocle:

Eventually he caved in….a mystery? :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:


Here’s the Forgotten Promise…but promises can always be broken ~30 years ago…:rage:


I think its a left wing hoax.


If i could fight i would go to Ukraine they need our support and our government sitting WATCHING these people fight for there lives. For the BROTHERS that can’t go at least we can pray for the people of Ukraine.


Gotta love the audio here. God bless these guys and welcome them home.


Oh really… ready for president harris and vice prez pelosi???


We’ll just have to deal with that later. First things first. If we don’t start the process the swamp will never be drained.

The stages of the process…

  • Fu€k Joe Biden,
  • Fu€k Kamala Harris,
  • Fu€k Nancy Pelosi,
  • Rinse and repeat, if necessary.

It’s not funny anymore. These people are the enemy of the United States of America.



If this can be confirmed, Russia just lost between 20-100+ men…

Article opens with Ukraine stating it shot down an IL-76 heavy with Russian paratroops on board

And of course, Moscow uses its veto power in the UN to shoot down a resolution by the Security Council to stop its attack…who woulda thought🤦🏼‍♂️


Been saying this for years… DEFUND THE UN.

Though… target practice on those pretty powder blue helmets may be fun. :snake:


Putin wants to “De-Nazify” Ukraine.
Gonna try to stream roll the county in a few days and mop up any resistance WE ALL KNOW WILL GO BADLY.
Sounds like blitzkrieg to rattenkrieg to me. Can’t get more Nazi than that if you ask me.


Beware… FAKE WAR NEWS is everywhere now…:rage::boom::boom::boom:


They’re already running the show.
Biden doesn’t even know what day it is.


I bet Ukraine is very much regretting that it gave up its nukes years ago. Doubt pukin would be invading if he knew nukes were waiting.


Not a huge fan on whats going on over there right now.

I know I’m going to get flack for saying this, but we do not need to get involved in this. We are not the world police. Hear me out. Our country is beyond FUBAR’ed, we seriously need to focus on fixing OUR problems first, then we can consider assistance to countries later.

All this will turn out to be is another usless resources war, where countless thousands of people will die. They (Ukraine) have the largest lithium concentrates and natural gas (not oil this time).

I’m also getting tired of people calling this a war. NO one has declaired war, and probably never will.

But yes, I’m happy to se Ukrainians fighting hard as hell.

Also to note - got a notice from my bank warning me about the volitility this will create in the banking/stock market system due to this “conflict”.


If Trump was still Prez this never would have happened.The day Biden took over he nullified the policies that made the U.S. energy independant and net exporter of fossil fuels.This allowed Russia & Iran et al to pump up their coffers with $ that allowed them to make mischief the world over.
Now Biden begging Saudis to pump more & still buying oil from Russia.
The dems are feckless & incompetent.
Now John Kerry & Hillary are worried Putin won’t help us with “Climate change”



Mike, first point here, If you don’t think it’s a war then maybe turn on the TV or read some news. Just sayin.

Secondly, if the world stands by and watches, what are the chances he stops here. They want the old Soviet Union back. To the point that there have been reports that some Russian units on the front line are flying the red Hammer and Sickle flag. Would you rather the front line here or in western Europe next. And then where is the next front line we fall back to. Not to mention how this WILL embolden China with Taiwan. Look to your history. We tried this experiment before in 1938 with an area called the Sudetenland. Maybe you’ve heard of it. Didn’t work out too well then.

Now I don’t want to see Americans die. So troops aren’t the answer, yet. But you could imagine the damage these guys could do with all that wasted training and weapons and material in Afghanistan. So lets support these guys. So our troops don’t have to die. Bullies ONLY understand brute force. We can’t just stand here waiting for sanctions. If the Russian people don’t stand up and kick this guy to the curb, we’re going to fight him sooner or later.


Agree. This is so much like Hitler invading Poland. Same rationale. “Restoring the Soviet Union to greatness” is not unlike Germany seeking the “1000 year reich” after being humiliated at the end of WWI. Putin has convinced Russians this is possible. It will end in tragedy for them. And the bloodshed will be unspeakable. What does anyone think Putin will do if he starts to lose like Hitler did? Becomes desperate? Scorched earth.


Ummm, yeah, that’s the problem. They’re all worthless liars. Which is the lesser of three evils? I think they’re all puppets being run by much more sinister people.


Nope….the “International Banksters” are….wait til digital currency takes over…there won’t be any vote on it either…:face_with_monocle::rage::boom::boom::boom:

All politicians are puppets:money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::boom: