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Uh Oh... Gen 2 S2K Receiver Broke In Half


A buddy of mine just bought a SUB2000 at a local gun store today. It took him all of 30 seconds to buy it and now we are going to order the upgrade package for me to install on it.


I got a Sub2k a couple of months ago and made modifications with M*Carbo and others to it. So far I have about 1500 rounds thru it up to including 200 the other day at 50 rounds at a time and completed it in about 20 minutes.
As far as Kel-Tec subbing the components out, their are thousands of companies doing the same thing. Hell what about your car or truck!
Them main difference is maybe they have a poor Quality System and department. They are taking the vendors word that everything is OK. That is BS to me and I know. I am a retired QA Manager with 28 years as a QA Manager and Design Engineer.
What they need to do is put every firearm thru a good Quality Testing to include Vendors and engineers and fix any issues before something happens again.
If they are reading this, I offer my services.
I agree, this is a PSA and everyone need to be more careful than normal.
Thank You


@Kona Well Said Boss’ :expressionless: Time will tell the story and Facts, I’ve got no Complaints on the 5 Kel Tec’s I Own.:sunglasses:


Simply speculating. And Kona is likely correct.


This is the Second one this week that I’ve seen. It was a green sub 2000. Makes me wonder if a bad batch of colored stocks were issued. I agree, look for a recall. I have one of the recalled subs with the barrel issue and it was back in my hands within 2 weeks. In any case I’m glad no one was injured.
Keep us up on how Keltec handles this please.


I hate to tell you but the hinge is still intact. The break is behind the hinge, it’s both grips that failed.
In my opinion it’s the polymer for what it’s worth.


@ maddog and all

I gotta go with no kaboom on this one-at least, not one caused by ammo. Looks more like bad plastic. See the newer, bigger pics that were posted. If it were a kaboom, then why so little(none, really) barrel and/or bolt face damage?


This all reminds me of the saying by older black people … “Black don’t crack”


Does anyone have information on the serial numbers that are going bad , or were they glock version ?
I have the green glock 17 model and I’m curious about mine.
I have around 100 rounds in Ole Gertrude!


I was also wondering what versions they were and if they were both 9mm.


pics of frames cracking seem to be cropping up… i wonder how serious this problem may be with the s2k? is it just the olive drab and FDE Glock versions?

i was considering getting a Glock version, but now i dunno…

boy howdy, first the barrel recalls and now frames cracking…

(and yes, i know, there are many modern weapons that have had recalls, problems, etc.)

on the Gulf of Mexico


Did anyone notice that the shell casing actually had rifling marks down 3/4 of the sides? Also the primer was not flattened. (No over pressure of the round)

Its almost like the chamber was oversized and the case itself was forced down the chamber. (Remember in a blowback action the empty case is the piston…and if the piston is stuck bad things happen!)

I have never seen that before.


Can someone smarter than me explain this?

I seriously doubt it is an issue with the polymer.


@Johnksg are those rifling marks from the case entering the barrel?! :fearful:


@Kona yeah, don’t know if he had that pic up when this thread was started but there is your problem.

Now the question is was the ammo case undersized or the chamber oversized?


@Wedge @Kona you know I have heard a few folks on this sight talking about “polishing the chamber”. Now I had always assumed they were talking about the feed ramp, but…

If this guy did that and removed just enough material, say .025 of an inch then that case could be slammed so far forward it engaged the rifling and in essence became a plug.


@johnksg that’s why when I hear these things I never take the bite to immediately trash the manufacturer. “Man Kel-Tec is trash! My gun blew up!” “That’s crazy! What happened?” “I tried to shoot 9mm in a 40! Man Kel-Tec sucks!” :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Now that would do it! A 9mm has a .380 case diameter and a .40 has a .423 diameter. The round would get slammed in, engage the rifling and then swell up and plug the barrel.

So either the guy has a .40 or he has a mis-marked barrel? :astonished:

That would be very bad indeed if the latter was the case.


I went back and enlarged the pictures his barrel is clearly marked 9x19…but if it was stamped wrong and was actually a .40?

There used to be a style of blowback that actually belled the chamber so the case would expand and delay the ejection. He said he got 8 rounds through the gun, which sounds about right.

Each round would have slammed a little further forwards…until kaboom!


If the case were getting stuck in the rifling, wouldn’t that cause an overpressure KABOOM actually blowing up the rifle? I haven’t seen that, just the polymer cracking in two.