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Uh Oh...Gen 2 S2k Receiver Broke In Half

Doesn’t look good. Blew the freakin’ thing in half right at the hinge joint after only eight rounds. He showed the serial number and it wasn’t under the barrel recall. Possibly an ammo issue, but he said he checked the rounds before firing and they were fine. Quality ammo, too. Speer Gold Dot 9mm 124gr standard pressure.



And, another one. Apparently, they had a bad batch of polymer recently. Be on the lookout for another recall with newly purchased rifles, I guess…


And, before anyone complains that I’m bashing Kel-Tec or something… These failures also don’t actually look like KABOOMs in the sense that the rifle blew up. It seems they just cracked right through the polymer receiver halves.

Consider this a Public Safety Announcement, especially for new owners. :+1:


@Wedge had the same thing happen to AA ARMS AP-9s . frame would crack at the mag release and the mag would hit the deck Wedge. bad poly lot. it happens. maybe they should consider SS inserts in the poly at the hinge…:+1:


I take these stories with a heavy grain of “no idea what the user was doing when it happened.” Not saying his gun didn’t blow up, but I can’t speak intelligently about it since I wasn’t there and don’t know what circumstances led to the catastrophic failure. All I know is that one small explosion doesn’t detract from the 1000s of other success stories.


Read the KTOG thread in the link. At least three others suffered the same type of failure very recently. That’s called a trend and it’s worth mentioning. And, no, it didn’t blow up. I clarified that above. It fractured right through the polymer halves.


I read it. I’m not disputing mentioning it either. I’m saying the people in the thread trashing Kel-Tec with no background on what really happened are ridiculous. :+1:t2:


Ah, got it. I just thought I’d post it here as a PSA.


shithitsthefan in the more than i care to count,years i been on this rock
#1 the more you use something, the more apt it is to break
#2 a design change usually has issues, till the materials strength match the change
#3 military products always go to contract to the lowest bidder…

my upgrade change, just passed the 1000 rnd count. thats 2000 rnds total on a gen1


Are all the failures with tan (OD) colored models? I got mine in October 2018 in black and no problems.


At least two of those were brand new and failed in less than 10 rounds. :open_mouth:


Looks that way. That and the green versions. I got my Gen 2 in black around October 2017 and have 2000+ rounds through it with no issues other than having to go back for the barrel recall.


@Wedge material design change then… it happens. just be vigilant.
I saw one kick, at the range, sub 2, but the shooter didnt ensure it was in the fully locked position. recoil kicked a ear…



I’ve been following this for about 6 weeks. Here are my observations.

I have yet to hear of a black polymer gun splitting.

And, I was surprised to note that the colored guns which have split are actual colored polymer versus the Cerakoted black polymer which had been Kel Tec’s approach to delivering guns that aren’t black right up until guns started splitting at low round counts.

I am sorta anticipating another recall, but this time limited to late production colored polymer. Given that the splits started appearing last November, I expect Kel Tec is hard at work revising the polymer recipes so that they that they can replace and return the guns in a reasonable time window. It should be an entirely new set of impacted serial numbers.

ETA:. @TriggerHappy … Watch for news … if you ask nice and promise not to use them as grip halves … KT may just be sitting on a sizeable inventory of parts that will support your many mag projects that they may let go cheap if you catch them before KT destroys them.


Why do they even need to do that? Just leave things as they were. Go back to the “good polymer” before these failures started happening. And, from what I understand, Kel-Tec is more of an assembler than an actual manufacturer. They farm a ton of their stuff out. And, that includes polymer parts, which I found surprising since they’re such a polymer company at the core. They don’t make their own barrels, either, at least for the S2K. Kel-Tec had zero clue about the bad barrels. They only issued the recall after their barrel supplier fessed up about the improper heat treating.


Hey @Dred this is really intriguing - are you just speculating or do you have some definite knowledge of this? I paid $50 for a pair of black grips and color was $75 and would definitely be interested in some more of any color for cheap! :+1:


@TriggerHappy no way Kel-Tec let’s bad parts into the wild on purpose.


(Knocking on wood) I have a gen 2 SUB2000 in green and have ran at least 100 rounds thru it with no problems at all.
Now I have probably jinxed myself :open_mouth:


@Kona they might de-mill and release, but they probably going to cut thru the magwell, doubt they will waste the man hours…


I have newer fde. From what I read, yours and mine would have cracked by now.

I’m a bit skeptical it’s a polymer issue. To me seems like something isn’t aligned, having to do with how the barrel and back half of the gun come together. Time will tell. All I did was check the screw tightness and make sure nothing is loose. KT will hear from the latest folks and if an issue, we’ll hear from them. Luckily these aren’t kabooming and throwing shrapnel, from what I read