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Two finger charging handle

Just put my two finger charging handle upgrade on, I’m eaten up with rheumatoid arthritis and had my right bicep ripped out in a fight, But I guess the ole days of sewing wild oats was worth it, Got er dun with little to no difficulty, On the lower rail I have a 45* hand rest in a comfortable position and in front of it I have a red laser a green laser and a pretty bright gun light, I’m gonna slowly as I did the notched sight yesterday do all the upgrades I don’t like the idea of a plastic feed ramp that’ll be next, I have more guns than the US military but I sure love the little sub gonna set my steel targets out soon and give it a whirl back & fourth with one of my carry guns maybe my 45 acp.


The two finger charging handle certainly makes a difference. Glad I did mine.


You’ll want the stainless hammer bushing too. I guarantee your plastic one has lots of wear on it.


Yes Ty while I’m in there I’m gonna do the trigger and everything internal !


As many people have said in other threads, while it’s relatively easy to do, tearing it down isn’t something you’ll be jumping at the chance to do often. If you’re going to do one internal component, you might as well do them all at the same time. I didn’t see a lot of improvement from replacing the trigger springs and trigger bar - polishing the @)#& out of everything did more good - but the other new components improved it enough to be worthwhile.


Did you see enough improvement in trigger performance to warrant the replacement ?

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I would say yes but as @phuzzy42 stated polishing all the metal parts that make contact with each other make those new trigger parts feel so much better.


Thanks guys I’ll have the dremel humming with a polisher on it.


The trigger being metal was a big improvement to how it feels. Replacing anything plastic in this gun is a big improvement. I got the flat trigger but flat or curved isn’t that important to me. I don’t think the lighter trigger spring or trigger bar made much difference in pull weight but YMMV.


Your reading my mind my friend, I’m not going to purchase that expensive kit, I’m going to select the individual parts and as I was picking that hammer bushing I saw your comment on it, I love my sub I have a safe full of 9mm’s so it fit’s in well, I also purchased the CAA micro roni my glock 17 slips right into it and there’s another small slip on carbine conversion I put on my Ruger 9 it’s a perfect square the length of the pistol, I hope there’s no one purchasing all these tools they’re selling , My mc shock adjustment wrenches would turn that buffer tube collar Lol , I have the original hell fire trigger system it spits out over 600 rounds per minute, I got beat out of over 500$ I had a bump stock on order when that butt hole shot up the Jason Aldean concert, Anyway they waited till they were outlawed told me no refunds and stole my money, My point being I thought though I have the certificate of legality that they would have outlawed those as well but they didn’t, They have a gen2 hellfire now like my original it comes with a certificate of legality either one you just slip it on use it take it off pocket it and go on, I’m looking forward to Monday when my new one arrives the only difference is it has a knob on it to adjust the rate of fire, Sorry to be so long winded But guns MC’s PU’s and jeeps are my hobbies once I get started look out if any of you want a hell fire gen2 Fire quest is the place to order it’s less than 50$ and it’ll last a lifetime.


Yawl gonna enjoy those they work real wwell :

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Yeah I’m always loving those , saved the day !

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I just installed my two finger charge handle also, but I can no longer lock the action open. The charge handle stops just short of the lock notch. Is this the way it is supposed to be with the two finger handle?

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Welcome to the Brotherhood Dan. It should lock back. Did you also install the S.S. Locking Pin that comes with the newer handle?

I did not receive a locking pin with my handle.

My mistake. I did get the new pin and, yes it was installed.

I discovered the problem, it is the new locking pin. The pin I received has a short post (about a quarter inch long) on the back side with a notch and lock hole for the metal clip inside the recoil spring. I need to figure a way to remove the recoil spring end plate from this clip and insert the clip into the notch on the new lock pin. This is not an easy task and I haven’t quite figured out how to do it. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

@9mmfreak Type in "locking pin " in the search topic, the little magnifying glass. There are a few different ways to install that pin, some easier than others.

The swell fellas over at MCarbo made some handy dandy instructional videos.


@9mmfreak watch the video above that @Beezer posted, it’s very informative but requires compression which can be hard on hands esp if they are arthritic like mine are. I wasn’t able to get it on this way.

What I did do was insert the allen wrench like the video shows, then I grabbed the wrench with my left hand and started twisting the spring clockwise with my right hand. The allen wrench will hold down the spring as it compresses. Twist until you’ve got enough clearance to remove the end cap and replace it with the locking pin. Then you simply twist the spring in the opposite direction. Only took me about 2 minutes to get it on. I recommend using gloves that have a rubber coating on the palm/fingers for better grip.