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TruGlo Front sight for Ruger PC9

I was curious to know if you could perhaps make a TruGlo front sight for the Ruger PC 9. It would be great if you could make one with the posts on either side like the one that is currently on the stock model.

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TruGlo make a Night Sight for the Talo Tan Model PC9 Rifle but when I contacted TruGlo I was told they were not ready to sell it to the Open Market since it was an Exclusive Product and I believe it was a 3 blade Front Sight. I think it is time to contact TruGlo again and see if its available NOW!

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I use tandemkross Eagle Eye Iron site set for the PC Carbine. 100% better.

It would depend for what you use the Carbine for. Fiber Optic Sights are Great for Competition Shooting BUT SUCK for Combat Shooting that is why there are Tritium Night Sights! You can go Old School and get a Gold Bead Front Sight which will catch any available light and let you pickup your front sight and make a shoot. I normally suggest Trijicon but unfortunately they do not make a Front Sight for the PC9 I have my PC9 with a Holosun 503GU that is on a Midwest Industries MLok Mount that allows it to be Co-Witnessed with the Iron Sights because I have the Midwest Industries Chassis and Handguard. When Memphis Todd asked about the TruGlo Sight I automatically thought he was referring to the Night Sight not a Fiber Optic. I have used TruGlo Tritium Night Sights on a few weapons like my Ruger American 45acp and pair of Taurus G2s and G2c that I customized a couple of years ago and they are nice products that are worth the money with Great Customer Service Department. I had to contact CS because I screwed up and Lost one of the Screws for the Taurus Rear Sight and I had the new screw in hand with 3 days no charge.