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Truck Safes Anyone?

Anyone in the brotherhood have, bought, or made a truck safe slash gun storage? I have been on Pinterest and seen some pretty cool ideas. The whole point to me though is it has to be secured. This is one of the ones that stood out to me but not sure about the secured factor


how secure are you wanting to make it? that one looks to have a tool box style lock, which means large screw driver and ballpeen and inside in 2 hits. nice box, well laid out, but for securing it, thing 6 points like the old pyrotechnic lockers. and if i were to build one, i would have it hinge fwd, so that all seats had access when open. never know where your going to have to dive into know what i mean?


This one seems more secure but way more a hassle to deploy


@GOBLIN I would be keeping firearms in it so even if my truck gets broken into I want to know there’s no way those are coming out. A while back my neighbors in an apartment had there door kicked in across the hall. I had all my rifles in my apartment I was terrified my guns were going to get stolen and not really in a place where I was ready to buy a safe so most of my guns currently reside at my Dad’s he’s in Georgia so not right around the corner and one at my Mom’s. If I had the safe and it was trustworthy I would go get a few of my rifles and put them in my truck permanently

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@GOBLIN good point about hinging it forward

second one is more secure, but, keep in mind, and think like a thief, your going to pass up anything that takes too much time or makes to much noise to get into. they pick their target by easiest to get the most gain with the least risk.

for lockup, take that first box you showed. hinge it to the front so the hing is not accessible to pry, drill 2 holes in the back of the box, 1" below the lid, just along side the sides, add 6 tabs, with aligned holes to the holes in the ends of the box, rivit or weld them to the inside of the lid, using a 3/8 stainless rod to align and hold in place while you spot em, (2 ea) the bend about 6" of that SS rod at about a 45 degree angle, (point down when inserted in the box) and grind the other end, which protrudes from the front of the box, with a notch and taper, where 2 Reese pin locks (used on the pin on a Reese hitch would slide on and lock.

lock it up when your out of the truck. gar-on -tee no crackhead will be able to get in it, and you dont loose that much space. rods are removable easily from the passenger area.(as long as you keep your holes in alignment.

did one for a friends humvee (H1) similar to that. you cant make em not try, you just have to make it to much trouble to try…


@GOBLIN that is pretty clever my friend I don’t know if I have the necessary skill to pull that off but I think I know someone who does. Did you use rivets?


@Flogrown just curious is your primary motivation to preserve property or keep your weapons out of the wrong hands?

For the first, insurance is the way to go!

The second is a bit tricky, safes get broken into all the time, and just scream “something valuable inside!”

That said I think that first picture was kinda cool…if for no other reason than to keep my rifle out of my son’s sticky candy wrappers!:rage:


rivets if they are stainless, std alloy ones drill out with a couple of hits of a batt drill.
one i did i riveted one point center to align and lock the tig welded from the underside.

dirll out the rivet, plate still wont budge.


insurance is tricky , have a buddy, took his wife to Hawaii 2 years ago. “someone” broke into his home they figure about the time he boarded the plane, (one of his family members and their buddies they later found out) they flipped the gun safe on its front (he didnt spike it to the floor and wall like he was told to by me) and cut the weak part ( thinnest part of a gun safe is the back wall thats why you make it hard to flip) out with a batt angle grinder.
they took their time. ate out of the fridge, drank his beer and liquor, screwed up his hardwood floor,
If they woulda cut 2" lower on the back (cut the upper half) they woulda cut into a 2lb can of black powder…(talk about instant karma)

even thou he had a video record of everything in his safe, down to the last bullet, insurance,only paid for firearms he had paperwork on. (no private sales) wouldn’t pay for his scopes, (2 trijicons, a Zeiss, a Swarvorski, and a old leatherwood ART) no ammo, and no black powder.
they cut him so bad, he couldnt replace 1/2 of what he lost, due to the model and age of some of his firearms.
the warranty for loss for the safe? voided because he didnt secure it to the wall and floor.

I gave him a AR-10 FRANKENSPECIAL, and a M-9 plus ammo so he had something in the house.

insurance is never what its cracked up to be…


@GOBLIN I feel for him…thats why I made absolutely sure that there were no exclusions or terms on my policy that would exclude firearms or accessories.

I also keep detailed records with photos as well as the receipts.

Its a pain to be sure but a safe is just to easy to get into and every tool they would need is hanging in my shop!:scream:


me as well, but, one thing i just found out with my policy, ghost firearms, 80% ers, are not covered. they dont officially exist.

but im a lil Jaded with the whole insurance/extortion game. last underwriter i had on the house, dipped in a clause, $4000.000 deductible on hurricanes , 3 days before a hurricane came in on us. 2 weeks after (when we got power back ) I changed to USAA.

more rouges, thieves and rakes in insurance as they are in politics…


All I have is a couple of small gun boxes to keep myself legal in CA.


There is a company called Lock’er Down … www.lockerdown.com. They manufacture console safes for specific makes and models of vehicles. I drive a Tundra and the safe completely fills the center console and mounts using the existing floor bolts inside the console so its not coming out. They have several entry options to choose from … I choose the keypad. Not for all makes and models but if they have one for your truck I highly recommend it. I mounted Alien Gear Cloak Docks inside (using rivets) and used paddle holsters to secure firearms and extra clips. Here are the pics after the original install 2 years ago. I’ve made some improvements since then but you get the idea. It is rock solid!!



@mike.stroud3 Thanks for the pictures and the link. :+1:


@mike.stroud3 that is awesome thanks for sharing that.

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Awesome set up, makes my cheapo locker look pale in comparison.


Great topic! Fair disclosure; I own a security alarm company, so it’s not only my hobby but profession too. For the home/office get a safe and cover it with a monitored alarm, any safe can be defeated, but not in the 20 minutes or less it takes you or the cops to get there, while listening to a 120db siren run. For the vehicle I have a multi faceted approach, first, never leave your vehicle in a suspect location, park near lighting and high traffic areas if possible (deterrent, deterrent). My personal vehicle 2500HD Silverado with 4” lift (too tall to see inside) 30% tint on all 5 windows in addition to factory tint in the rear 3 (can’t see in) violates tint law but my family’s safety is worth it. I installed retracting running boards nothing for anyone to climb on to gain access. Kydex holster for .45 and extra mag mounted in factory console box for easy access, Du-Ha under rear seat storage holds AR and 870 Police with extra rounds, first aid, and rations. I thought about a locking enclosures for both front and rear but decided my access was more important than the few seconds it would take the thief to defeat it. If they don’t know what’s in there and you don’t leave it where they feel comfortable checking it out in private they’re not likely to risk it. And a :+1:t2: on the insurance should the unlikely occur.


You know that is a great idea that I have simply never considered!

Sometimes it takes somebody to point out the obvious.:+1:


I don’t think I’d ever keep a weapon in a vehicle. Too easy to get it, and/or the vehicle AND it, stolen. We do keep a pistol safe in our DDs, for the few times we need to store a weapon before going into an establishment with a 30.06 sign (It’s a Texas thing, no weapons in the place, unless you’re LEO), but they go in the house with us when we get back home.

We use the Gun Vault NanoVault 300 in our vehicles. The one in our '10 Tahoe is bolted to the bottom of the console with the ‘safety’ cable looped around the seat mount. It will fit two of our carry weapons, but that’s it.

For everything else, we have a now-too-small-for-us fire-resistant safe in the house, and it’s bolted to the wall. Since it’s fire-resistant, it is double-walled with cement between the walls. I don’t think anyone is cutting through it in any time soon, if at all. They’d be better off prying the thing off the wall and rolling it out.

We’re probably going to get another safe soon, but since we (my wife and I) will install it ourselves, we’ll probably just get another copy of the one we have and bolt it to the other safe AND the wall.