Trouble racking the PMR 30

Hello everyone, new member here and this is my first post: I am now 68 and am disabled and my hand grip is weak , i have trouble pulling the slide back to load. do you have any plans to make an assist device that can be popped on and off easily ?
I’ve been around guns my whole life and have always been an expert with my weapons but as my handicap progressed handling a full sized 9mm is awkward so i have to be practical with my choice for protection so i chose the ultra light PMR 30, i have my CCP permits and can easily conceal my pistol on my powerchair and i figure 30 accurately placed rounds is better than missed shots from too much weight and recoil from my 9mm pistols so im am always looking for practical accessories for my weapons .


@Draypar Welcome to the forum. Sounds like you made a good choice with the PMR 30.


@Draypar Welcome aboard. Perhaps a device like this may be useful for you. There are several types on the market, a quick search for “handgun slider rack device” will give you many options.


At one time, I purchased an ACTION JACK for 9mms. But, as it doesn’t work for other calibers, I use a different method. I hold the pistol in my shooting hand, and the slide with my non shooting hand. (If there is a hammer, I cock it with the non shooting hand first.) I brace my non shooting hand against my hip (wrist to hip bone) and use the shooting hand to rack the grip/frame. Holding the slide rigid and racking the grip/frame gives me more leverage, but need to be sure not to point at anything. Suggest you practice with an unloaded pistol first, until you are comfortable using this method. Bonus, I don’t need any extra tools to load my pistol.


Welcome to the fun!

My uncle and I were working on this idea for my father when he was in a chair. Good part is, there is a direct fit part that should help.
Get the TANDEMKROSS PMR-30 Picatinny Rail Accessory and mount to the pistol normally. Next, get yourself a (or a few to spread around the chair) picatinny rail section and mount it (them) to the chair from what your feel is a good position.
When needed, pull the PMR and use the rails as “interlocking teeth” to interface and help racking.
Something like you see here:

(My launcher would be your PMR and my thumb would be the frame for your chair)
The rails become rack assists, gives you an option to mount an optic if ever inclined and a tacti-cool rail section to add “extras” to your chair :+1:t2:

Again, welcome aboard!


This is a good idea i like the idea of it mounted to my chair i had thought of a magnet but not as secure as this notion and since i use a crimson trace laser this wont be in the way at all.


And the part is only $24 plus a few extra for rail sections (~$15).
The part:®-PMR30™_p_15.html


Just bought one on amazon $24 and i already have a pic riser i can attach to my chair. Thanks again.